Your Frame of Mind

Your Frame of Mind

Was just re-watching a Youtube video by Simon Sinek regarding frame of mind, you may listen to it here:

In the video, Simon talks about how elite athletes interpret their body signals due to the adrenaline. For the same symptoms, they’ve learnt to see that as excitement, which makes them look FORWARD to the competition, rather than nervousness, which makes them shrink back from the challenge.

In the same way, much of life’s events in and of themselves does not have any negative connotations, rather, it’s our thinking that makes it so.

When we have tests and exams, how do we look at it? Most students think of it as a drag, they hate getting back their tests and seeing a bad grade. They dread mugging and studying intensively.

I remember that was a time i look forward to taking Math exams and tests because it’s so simple (i was in primary 3) and i’d always score full marks. I remember the anticipation and watching for my math teacher to come up the stairs towards my classroom to return our scripts. I realised it’s because i’ve framed the event in my mind as proud moments where i stand head and shoulders above all the other students.

After that, i wasn’t always so outstanding, scoring close to full marks and the feeling of anticipation and excitement died off.

What if we could frame our interpretation of tests and exams as something that we excelled in? Imagining that we are so good at the subject that we score full marks, always looking forward to the release of our results. This feelings will cause us to enjoy studying a lot more and understand concepts better, scoring better grades and it becomes a virtuous cycle.

Be careful that you don’t just imagine yourself doing exceptionally well and do nothing about it. That is called wishful thinking.

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