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Frequently asked questions

Q: When is it too late to go for chemistry tuition?

A: There’s no deadline that says it’s too late to go for tuition. However, a good gauge would be to look at your test scores. If you consistently failed your tests and give yourself excuses, the time will come when you will have to face the music, i.e. get retained or even asked to leave the college. To be fair, there is a big jump from O level to A level standard. But if you are failing, then you are probably not coping with the content at JC level, get help as soon as possible.

Common excuses from students range from “I never study” to “i’m busy with xxx” and even “the test is too hard, everyone is also failing“. Truth is, if you really didn’t study for the test, how would you know whether you understood the content? The JC curriculum is packed and to say you’re too busy to study shows you have bad time management. Lastly, the same people who set your tests are going to set your promos…

Remember this, you are not just competing with your classmates or even your schoolmates. You’re competing with the whole Singapore cohort and you can be sure that others are going to do something about their grades.

Private or Group?

Q: Should i go for private or group chemistry tuition?

A: Firstly, you need to ask yourself are you a motivated person? Secondly, are you totally lost in Chemistry? Thirdly, do you have a very tight schedule? If you are a motivated person who can revise yourself, go for group. If you are totally lost and needs lots of help late in the year (after June), go private. Same for students who have very tight schedules, they will need to hire a private tutor to accommodate their timing.

Chemistry crash course

Q: Are crash courses any good?

A: Again, we need to assess where you are. If you are scoring below 30{8445fa0408f68c331c03e03f10d6a7bff33fb7168cc52e9b2191ddf5ec3671a6} for your tests, you need good consistent revision. Due to the time constraints for crash courses, most crash courses wouldn’t be able to let students attempt the questions. It will be a good refresher for the main concepts that’s all. Here at Khemistry, we try to couple additional private lessons where we guide you along as you attempt the questions. This will complement the crash course refresher.



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