Transition Element (Common Last Topic)


Minister Chan just announced on 27th July 2021 that the common last topic will be taken out of the A levels examinations this November.

For those of us who already did the topics, it seemed like time was wasted to teach this topic. But the good thing is students will have less to revise this year.

Rightfully so as the multiple disruptions due to tightening/loosening covid measures surely affected the students’ ability to focus.

With the time now freed up from revising transition elements, we can now focus on the topics that are left.

Focus on the Theme: Creative Writing for PSLE Excellence

For those of you who have not done up a revision schedule, now is the best time to plan it.

IMHO, A levels is not something you can decide to pia overnight and score a distinction for it. Far from it.

Unless you consistently revise and put in the effort to practise, it is almost guaranteed that you will not get a quality grade. (A or B)

Such is the rigour of this national examination.


If you need a crash course or intensive revision classes, feel free to drop me a whatsapp @ 83322534.

Will see what i can do to help! Gambatte!


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