Time – Our Most Precious Commodity


This post is dedicated to all JC 2 students and to my ex-principal.

Time – CNY is now over, JC 1 orientation is over, March Block Test is just around the corner. One of the traits of successful people is they plan ahead, way ahead. Today, we want to look ahead to the rest of the year to see if we are on the right track, specifically whether we have enough time.

During term time we are learning new content and doing tutorials. However, during the ‘A’ division competition period from Mar-May, sometimes CCA trainings are so intense, there’s even no time to do tutorials!

Major school holidays, March/June/Sept. Total of 6 weeks.

Assuming you study Chemistry everyday for 12 hrs.

Assuming you know all the key concepts to study.

ASSUMING you use effective study strategies to remember all the key concepts.

Let’s look at how it works out for H2 Chemistry syllabus…

Total topics in H2 Chemistry —–> 23

Time required to revise —–> 2 x 23 = 46 h (2 hours per topic)

Time required to practise basic questions and review —–> 4 x 23 = 92 h

Time trial 5 years of past A level papers and mark —–> (5 + 5) x 5 = 50 h (P1-3, mark, 5 tys) minimum practise

Total time required for Chemistry = 46 + 92 + 50 = 188 h (for ONE H2 subject)

Total time from school holidays: 42 days x 12 h = 504 h (assuming you study 12h EVERYDAY)

3 H2 subjects requires approximately 564 h. (just multiply 188 by 4 if you take 4H2)

We are also assuming we do not spend time studying for General Paper. That’s quite a lot of assumptions isn’t it?

The truth is this: Even after mugging like crazy during school holidays, how do you think this level of preparation (not doing challenging prelim questions) compares with other students with tuition?

What you can expect from Chemistry Tuition at Mr Khemistry:

  1. We teach you the key points for every topic and provide you with concise notes. No frills. Just the important stuff.
  2. We give mini-quizzes at the end of every topic to assess your learning.
  3. Revision questions are given to help you consolidate key learning concepts.
  4. Booster classes given every 3 months for common topics students are weak in.
  5. Whatsapp consultation support.

If you are interested to join us, hesitate no more! Come down for a free trial session to see truly enlightening Chemistry lessons 🙂

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