Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Mr Kua is a very patient and engaging tutor who tries to help all his students score well in chemistry. The notes he provides and his lessons are all really effective in ensuring that students grasp the concepts well. Strongly recommend Mr Khemistry!

Jing Ying (RVHS)

Mr Kua is friendly and good at breaking down key concepts into digestible bits when starting off new topics. I had a lot of fun in his classes and at the same time his lessons helped me understand Chemistry in ways I did not know I could. Even though I struggled with Chemistry for the better half of the year, after his lessons it made it much easier to self study and revise for the subject. Thank you! (p.s. yes, I got A for A levels hehe)

Kai Xin (RI)

Mr Kua is definitely one of the best chem tutors in Singapore. Drawing from personal experience, Mr Kua replies all my questions readily on whatsapp 24/7 which helps me to clarify my misunderstandings almost instantly. The notes and practices that are provided in class are crucial in understanding and reinforcing concepts. Lastly, Mr Kua is a really down to earth guy and keeps his lessons interesting, hence its easy to communicate with him be it with regards to chemistry or anything else.

Nigel (Private Candidate) 

I am really grateful for Mr Kua! I only joined for 1 year but he managed to pull my H2 chem grades up from an ‘S’ in school to an ‘A’ for A levels. He has really good notes and assignments that I often use for revision. He is one of the few teachers I can rely on as he is very patient and friendly. He never fails to answer my questions in class and even online and I am glad he is my teacher 🙂

Megan (RVHS)

Before attending this tuition centre, I always scored USE (mostly U) for chemistry. This tuition really helped me to grasp the chemistry concepts better, as well as taught me how to answer many different types of questions and think from different perspectives. In less than a year, I managed to consistently score well in chemistry! Mr Kua is a patient, approachable and kind tutor, and I will definitely recommend going for chemistry tuition here 🙂

Zoey (RVHS)

I was consistently failing chemistry when I joined Mr Kua’s lessons. However, with his help, I managed to improve dramatically in the A levels. I would attribute this to his effective teaching, which would comprise of going through worksheets which targeted common questions and misconceptions. He is also a dedicated teacher who will address any chemistry related queries after lessons and outside lessons.

Sean Yew (EJC) 

Mr Kua is an extremely kind, encouraging and dedicated teacher who truly cares about his students. He is concerned about our progress and does his best to reply very promptly. He has a repertoire of questions that he has painstakingly sieved out for us to practice. I am so thankful his dedicated guidance. Scored A for A Levels. Have benefitted a lot and highly recommend Mr Khemistry!

Rachel (EJC)

Mr Kua is a really engaging teacher and is very knowledgeable in Chemistry. His breaks down concepts so that I can easily understand it. He is also really encouraging, which also helped me find back my interest in Chemistry. I was constantly failing my school exams but under his guidance, I managed to obtain an A in my Alvl exams. Thank you Mr kua!!

Sheng Wen (NYJC)

As a previous student of Mr. Kua, I can testify that he is an excellent Chemistry tutor. His lessons are well structured and he can effectively and efficiently teach his students Chemistry concepts. He is also very kind and willing to help out struggling Chemistry students. The homework and the tests given are able to push us to do better. Most importantly, a student can message him for help and he’d definitely respond! Helped me keep up with H2 Chem and understand the organic chem topics. 5/5

Min Kang (RVHS) 

Mr Kua is a very knowledgeable teacher. He interacts with and encourages his students well. By doing this, he manages to ensue that the class is keeping up with his lessons leaving no student behind. Also, he is capable of adapting to the various uncertainties caused by COVID-19 and in this light, garners my upmost respect. To sum up, Mr Kua displays professionalism in his work, he is undeniably a chemistry specialist and one should definitely consider having him as a tutor.

Jiayi (TMJC)

Mr Kua is a very friendly and caring teacher. His lessons are interesting and the notes he provided are succinct and comprehensive. Nearing exam periods, he does not hesitate to stay back after class even till 10pm (class ends at 915pm) when students have queries and explained the concepts patiently, clearly and concisely. Even when students face difficulties outside of class and send their questions through WhatsApp, his replies were always in-depth and fast. Thank you so much Mr Kua and I will definitely recommend his tuition to all my friends!

Ravn Teo (ex HCI)

Mr Kua is an extremely encouraging and reliable teacher. He is able to explain abstract concepts well and provides greater understanding to students. Whenever in doubt, he is quick to respond to students’ questions and clear their misconceptions. I have benefitted a lot under his tutelage and highly recommend Mr Khemistry !!

Jaclyn (AJC)

Mr Kua is a very encouraging and engaging tutor. With only few months to the A-levels, I was still constantly getting U-grades and had many unclassified doubts, not to mention my lack of chemistry knowledge. Due to his patient guidance, teaching and support, I was able to grasp the content quickly, and he will constantly reply my questions swiftly, allowing me to smoothly prepare for the A-levels. His technique and advice helped me master content, organic chemistry especially, was effective and not long after I started attending his classes, after going through his plan, I was able to remember and understand the concepts and content much clearly.

Bryan Wong (IJC) 

Mr Kua is an amazing and very patient teacher. He breaks down tough concepts into something much simpler to understand and under his help and guidance, I have truly benefitted a lot! Lessons are well-planned and structured and notes are concise and to the point. Thank you so much for your help! 🙂

Qiao Ning (SAJC)

Mr Kua has been of great help to me in H2 Chemistry. I was struggling with Organic Chemistry back in J2 but with Mr Kua’s hand picked MCQ practices and detailed explanation of thinking processes in class, I was soon able to grasp my concepts, tackling more challenging questions, and eventually enjoyed solving questions involving Organic Chemistry. Mr Kua is also a very dedicated teacher who was willing to answer any doubts I had with my school work before and after lessons. Thank you for making me understand Chemistry and like it a little more! 🙂

Yoke Min (HCI)

With Mr Kua’s help, my chemistry results improved from an S grade to an A ! Mr Kua is really focused and engaging. He also plans his lessons very well so as to ensure that his students have constant practice for standard ‘A’ Level questions. Will recommend his class to anyone who asks!

Noelle Wong (TJC) 

As a student who has had her fair share of Chemistry teachers, I can assure you that Mr Kua is one of the best. His lessons are well-structured, organised and easy to understand, even for the most difficult of concepts. He is a dedicated teacher who will go the extra mile for his students, willingly staying back after classes to clarify all our doubts. Most importantly, his passion for Chemistry shines through his teaching. He genuinely loves the subject and you can truly tell that he wants to share this passion with his students. Naturally, this makes his lessons very engaging.

For those who are struggling with Chemistry, know that not all hope is lost. I was once like you, and Mr Kua really helped me through it and made it so much easier to understand. As long as you do not give up, you will be able to improve!

Vanessa Chan (NJC)

Mr Kua is a patient and committed teacher. He explains tough concepts in a simplified manner so that it is easier for students to digest. With his effective lesson plans, students are on the same page and lessons become more purposeful. His hand-picked questions of varying difficulties are beneficial for us to gain confidence and exposure. Thank you Mr Kua for your efforts! 🙂

Ying Shan (PJC)

Mr Kua is a down to earth and candid teacher who doesn’t fail to deliver content while using memorable analogies. Improvements in my chemistry grades took a year but during those few months, Mr Kua maintained his patience and confidence that the next time will be the breakthrough. He sees his students’ results (and/or degree of improvements) as an indicator of his teaching skills, which explains why he will go the extra mile to ensure that his students improve. I never had chemistry with Chemistry but under Mr Kua’s guidance, I survived the rigour of Chemistry and improved 4 grades.

Dabria (MJC)

Mr Kua managed to provide an engaging lesson on zoom – not an easy feat!

He’s very good at explaining and gives analogies you’d never dream of, making them memorable.

Alethea Pond (MI)

Mr Kua is a friendly and approachable teacher. I used to be completely clueless about Chemistry, with my grades consistently at S, but his lessons made me understand and like Chemistry a lot more 🙂 His explanations are easy to understand and his lessons are very engaging too!

Kaixin (NJC)

Mr Kua is an excellent teacher! Within such a short time span, he covered misconceptions that I had regarding certain topics in Chemistry, and managed to help me jump 5 grades to an A for A Levels from Prelims. I truly appreciate his teachings, and would give him 6 stars if I could 🙂

Shanyl Ong (RJC)

Mr Kua is a very helpful and patient teacher. His guidance had helped me to understand the subject better. When I have questions to ask, he will stay back after class to address them. I also very much appreciate the fact that he willingly answers my questions on Whatsapp, even on the day before exams. Although I have only attended his lessons for a period of about 5 months leading to the A levels, his classes have boosted my confidence in Chemistry, and I had found myself taking a greater interest in the subject.

Mei Shuen (HCI)

Mr Kua is a very approachable and fun teacher to be with. He would always stay back after class and answer any of our queries, especially nearing the exam period. In Mr Kua’s class, you are definitely in good hands!

Xin Yi (ACJC)

Mr Kua is very friendly and caring! His notes are good and his explanations are easy to understand 🙂

Justin Tan (HCI)

Excellent teacher 🙂 would definitely want to be your student again if i could! currently in the midst of a levels right now but at some point, the results don’t really matter much to me. i love your lessons as they are always so engaging. the notes provided are also very precise! 10/10 would recommend. joined in mid J1 when i encountered issues with quite a lot of topics and no regrets 🙂
and also, i would also like to thank you for pulling up my grades. the best feeling is to be able to complete my tutorials on my own, be able to listen in classes and lectures and understand them. thanks for allowing me to have that experience 🙂
once again, thanks for teaching me cher!!

Yoke Xuan (AJC)

My grades improved alot after joining Mr Kua’s tuition, it was U from MYE and my first lecture test after joining mr kua’s tuition centre i got a B!!! Mr Kua’s teaches in very interesting and easy-to-remember way and it helps me alot to fully understand the concepts and remember them without having to struggle to memorise! Mr Kua is also very helpful and effective by helping to consolidates topical questions from different JC’s paper for us to do as practices and his summary notes are THE BEST!!!!!

Yun Jie (EJC)

Good chemistry tuition with even better chemistry teacher. Tuition centre that is dedicated to teaching and will use tangible examples to let students understand.

Larry (VJC)

The lessons were very clear and I can understand concepts much better than in school, it saves me a lot of time then to study on my own. Mr Eric is a nice, experience and patient teacher so don’t worry about having a lots of questions to ask! Chapter summary sheets and practice on key questions are also consolidated by the teacher and provided to u!

Bingxin (EJC)

Very good teacher who is patient and teach well👍
From f9 to a2

Jonathan Lim (Bukit Batok)

Mr Kua is, admittedly, quite patient, despite the slow speed at which I can understand Chemistry. Nonetheless, he is able to explain Chemistry concepts that have long dumbfounded me in five minutes or less, and that’s impressive to say the least. I certainly recommend putting your child in this tuition, if you are considering.

Ethan Chee (Gan Eng Seng)

Despite having only attended this tuition centre for 2.5 months after receiving poor results for Chemistry in my preliminary examinations (scored a “D”), Mr Kua has tremendously helped to clarify some of my major misconceptions and increase my confidence and concept mastery within a short period of time. By providing multiple practices across all topics, as well as giving tips for practical (which I struggled greatly with throughout JC), all of these eventually helped me to improve my Chemistry grade to “A” in the actual GCE A Level examinations.

Despite us students being rather tired and quiet on Saturday mornings, Mr Kua tries his best to involve every student and make lessons more lively with occasional jokes and humorous remarks. He encourages us to try, creating a safe and comfortable environment to make mistakes without fear of being judged. Questions are also carefully selected to increase students’ exposure to different contexts and applications. These practices have helped me to identify the relation between the topics and not view them in isolation, which is key in H2 Chemistry.

2.5 months may seem too short a time, daunting and almost impossible task to pull my grade up to an “A”. However, with Mr Kua’s patient guidance, and due perseverance and diligence on my part, I am able to improve tremendously.

A word of advice: Contribute actively in class as it helps you to identify where your answers went wrong and how you can prevent such mistakes in future when encountering similar questions. Don’t worry, Mr Kua is very nice and wouldn’t judge you 🙂

Thank you very much Mr Kua for all your encouragements and for having faith in us!

Nellie (RVHS)

Mr Kua is a great teacher. He is very funny and explains abstract concepts with humour so we as students can understand better. He drills students about the important points in each chapter (I still remember how to draw a hydrogen bond) and revises pointers every now and then to really strengthen our memory. His approach to teaching really helps to build a solid foundation for H2 Chemistry, and helped me improve a lot between J1 to J2.

Kelly (EJC)

Its a great choice for my daughter to attend Mr Khemistry. She failed her chemistry in end of sec 3. After joining the lesson for less than 1 year, she managed to get A1 in her O level!!! Thanks to the school!!

April Tam (Hui Jun, Bukit Batok)

Mr Kua is a very hardworking teacher, always very willing to entertain questions even after class. He tries his best to engage all students in discussions and to patch the holes in a student’s understanding of chemistry. The notes are very comprehensive and easy to understand, the frequent quizzes after going through the notes are also very good checkpoints for a student’s learning. Mr Kua also provides us with plenty of practise papers before the national exams, going thru each of them the following week
. Overall a very positive experience, wld recommend.

Carmen (Yuan Ching)

Most certainly had a lot of fun exceling through basics with Mr Kua.

Not only does he engage with us cordially but is always happy to help us revisit topics that we struggle with. He would also take time off his schedule to clarify our misconceptions, sometimes even giving extra lessons to ensure we all fully comprehend what we are taught.

I would never forget the one-one sessions I had when I was the only student during the earlier part of J1, his occasional friendly banter, and his undying trust in us.

Overall, I am truly grateful for his fantastic guidance and moral support which enabled me to ace Chemistry in the A levels.

Bryston (RJC)

Mr Kua is an engaging teacher who takes the time to check up on each of his individual students, be it in class or outside of class. He consistently encouraged me and was willing to guide me patiently. During his lessons, he would give out important tips that our school wouldn’t have taught us so as to help us score in exams, and his weekly practices helped to increase my confidence in myself as well! It is thanks to Mr Kua that I was able to have a consistent improvement in my chemistry grades!

Rachel (NJC)

Mr Kua helped to turn my chemistry grades from an E to an A in A lvls

Zhan Yi (ACJC)

Joined this tuition centre in the late 2021, and I was struggling with chemistry. Mr Kua was really patient and creative with his teaching method. He took time out of his schedule to help go through my schoolwork and test papers. With his help I was able to achieve a drastic improvement in my chemistry results for the A levels. Thank you Mr Kua for your guidance!

Pei Qi (RVHS)

Very good teacher. Pushed my grades up a lot and super grateful for his help! 🙂

En Yu (SAJC)

Mr Khoh was an excellent teacher who had a passion for teaching. […]was kind to explain to me from the simplest at the start to the most challenging at the end, training my brain to absorb the immerse amount of information i did not even know i lacked. […] i improved from a U in prelims to a B in A levels. It was all thanks to Mr Khoh for his kind words of encouragement and humble words of advice. Thank you Mr Khoh! I hope you can inspire more students to strive and improve even when times may seem hopeless and bleak!

Wen Ting (TJC)

In my one year of learning chemistry under Mr Kua’s patient guidance, I have gradually been able to pick up and apply chemistry concepts more easily and have honed my answering techniques through the weekly practice that he provides. While in J1 I used to struggle with understanding chemistry concepts and applying them to questions (especially novel questions), his teaching, topical notes and revision questions have allowed me to achieve As in my A levels 🙂 Mr Kua also provides extensive notes and practices questions covering numerous question types, sourced from different schools, and even includes practice for practical. Thank you Mr Kua!

Nadia (HCI)

I learnt a lot from Mr Kua’s classes, how to effectively memorise and integrate the topics into my head, specifically organic chemistry. He also gave us opportunities to think of the answers for ourselves before encouraging active participation in class to share the solutions. overall, time was well spent and my learning experience was enriching

Megan (NYJC)

Mr Kua is a nice teacher who will help you even outside of tuition! His notes are good and comprehensive too. Recommend👍

Ruth (NJC)

Mr Eric is a patient teacher and the notes he provided are very fine tuned and distilled so they’re very easy to understand! The pace of the lesson is appropriate and he delivers the content with great clarity. Mr Eric often goes beyond the miles to answer my queries outside of class, even when i face difficulties doing my school work. Most importantly, the worksheets given is manageable but relevant to school content/standards for all students. During the covid outbreak, [he] conducted the online classes with ease without any hiccups, and even managed to attend to every student through the online portals. Tapping on technology, i was able to catch up on the few lessons i missed as well!…(Part 1)

Jasper (VJC)

…Mr Eric also likes to liven up the class by engaging students to participate in answering questions and occasionally cracks some jokes to lift our sprits especially since everyone is tired during a 6pm class on a school day! At the start of my first lesson, i was not sure if his style of teaching would be something i will be used to, but he actively asked for feedback and made sure every student is comfortable during his class! Through his guidance, i slowly improved from a D grade in my mid year to a B grade for my promos/overall! Overall i really enjoyed the chemistry course. Thanks alot! (Part 2)

Jasper (VJC)

Mr Marcus Phua is an excellent tuition teacher who displays a deep understanding of the H2 Chemistry syllabus. He has helped me by firstly highlighting and improving my understanding of the key points of the syllabus, followed by building upon those key points to really give me a good understanding of what is required of me during a chemistry exam. He also provides sufficient practices for me to understand how to tackle the commonly asked questions in exams. Lastly, he is readily available to help me clarify questions outside of the class. I would definitely recommend anyone who is struggling with chemistry to attend his lessons.

Max Khoo, HCI (2021)

Initially i was failing my H2 chemistry, always getting U. However, after joining this tuition together with my brother, i was able to understand more in depth about the subject. For instance, when me and my brother don’t understand certain reagent conditions in organic chemistry, he will try to use layman terms out of our syllabus to help us fully understand why certain type of conditions are required. Even though me and bother scored Ds and Es throughout our internal school exams for chemistry, he always motivated us and worked together with us. […] All the practices he gave us really helped drill the concept into our heads. Thank you so much for helping us get an A and B 🙂

Jing Xuan, TMJC & Jing Jie, ASRJC 

Mr Phua is a perspicuous and engaging chemistry tutor. Extremely knowledgeable about the subject, he is able to collate important keywords and concepts effectively, making his lessons enjoyable and less stressful. He is also meticulous when conducting lessons, helping his students grasp the subject quickly.

Isabel (ACJC)

Mr Phua is a really good tutor. He would try to make full use of all the time we have during the tuition session to go through as many questions as possible so as to ensure that the session is productive for me. Within one lesson of going through the kinetics topic, I managed to pass the class test. I also felt that I manage to understand chemistry more after Mr Phua came to teach! All in all, I really did enjoyed his lesson.

Lucas, ASRJC

In addition to being patient, well-prepared and excellent, Mr Marcus is very kind. He understands students’ weaknesses and encourages them to practise according to their needs. Join his lessons now! 😀

Cherie, VJC

Thanks Mr Phua for guiding me in chemistry for A levels. You are very patient and helped me to understand the concepts so i can improve.

Gerald, DHS

I think that you [Mr Khoh] have done very well as a tutor! Your lessons are very engaging and informational, and you do your best to target our weak points .

Genaeve (Nan Hua High)

Mr khoh is very patient and knowledgeable. Even when I ask abstract questions he will still be able to answer them . He also goes through the content in class very meticulously and addresses all our concerns . No areas of improvement hehe!

Jezelle (CHIJ St Teresa’s)

Attended class here during Sec 4, it was very helpful! My grades improved alot, from failing in my exams to getting an A in O levels itself 😊 The teacher was very nice and super helpful, always checking with the class to see if we could understand the content. The way content was taught was quite unique as well, with quizes at the end of each chapter to see how much is understood. I really appreciate the effort put in as throughout my experiences in going to other tuitions it’s really rare to see such an enthusiastic and caring teacher! Would really recommend going to this tuition~

Naomi (Yishun Town)

I’ve had many tutors before but you [Mr Khoh] are the first tutor to have actually made a long lasting impression on me, because you are the most passionate and dedicated tutor i have ever met and i genuinely look forward to every single lesson. i really like how you are patient in explaining concepts, common misconceptions and any questions that i may have even if i made careless mistakes. there are quite a number of good tips that i have learnt from you that i didnt learn in school and i am really grateful for that. i also really appreciate how you would find ways to reward our efforts during prelims and before o’s […] sending motivational quotes to keep us going!

Gwynes (Evergreen)

Mr Khemistry is an excellent tuition center because it has helped me improve my chemistry grades from a b3 to an a1. The teacher is Mr Kua, a very handsome man who uses a very efficient way to teach me content as well expose me to a variety of application questions to make sure I understand the concepts and how to apply them in different situations. Overall Mr Khemistry has been very helpful during my o level journey and I could not have made such an improvement without the help of Mr Kua.

Brian Wu (Fu Hua) 

very nice teacher! went through practice qns v thoroughly and helped me understand concepts that i had previously gotten wrong, was also very patient! made learning an enjoyable experience and helped me improve lots ^^

Yingxuan (SST)

I joined Mr Khemistry in March of my O level year and enjoyed attending every lesson from start to end! Chemistry was the only subject that I had tuition for & I’m so glad to have had chosen Mr Khemistry as doing so gave me the much needed confidence that I would secure an A for the subject. In class, in addition to guiding us, Mr Kua had the ability to regularly make jokes to keep the atmosphere light-hearted and comfortable for learning. He also incorporated Kahoot quizzes to challenge us and spice lessons up! If unwell, students could opt to join the class via zoom which made things convenient. I must say that the notes done up by Mr Kua were very detailed and well-crafted 🙂 I’m thankful to have had many of my doubts clarified by him not only during classes but also via Whatsapp as well. I finally scored A1 and would definitely recommend Mr Khemistry to all students!!!

Randilyn (Jurong West)

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