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Mr Kua is a very friendly and caring teacher. His lessons are interesting and the notes he provided are succinct and comprehensive. Nearing exam periods, he does not hesitate to stay back after class even till 10pm (class ends at 915pm) when students have queries and explained the concepts patiently, clearly and concisely. Even when students face difficulties outside of class and send their questions through WhatsApp, his replies were always in-depth and fast. Thank you so much Mr Kua and I will definitely recommend his tuition to all my friends!

Ravn Teo (ex HCI)

Mr Kua is an extremely encouraging and reliable teacher. He is able to explain abstract concepts well and provides greater understanding to students. Whenever in doubt, he is quick to respond to students’ questions and clear their misconceptions. I have benefitted a lot under his tutelage and highly recommend Mr Khemistry !!

Jaclyn (AJC)

Mr Kua is a very encouraging and engaging tutor. With only few months to the A-levels, I was still constantly getting U-grades and had many unclassified doubts, not to mention my lack of chemistry knowledge. Due to his patient guidance, teaching and support, I was able to grasp the content quickly, and he will constantly reply my questions swiftly, allowing me to smoothly prepare for the A-levels. His technique and advice helped me master content, organic chemistry especially, was effective and not long after I started attending his classes, after going through his plan, I was able to remember and understand the concepts and content much clearly.

Bryan Wong (IJC) 

Mr Kua is an amazing and very patient teacher. He breaks down tough concepts into something much simpler to understand and under his help and guidance, I have truly benefitted a lot! Lessons are well-planned and structured and notes are concise and to the point. Thank you so much for your help! 🙂

Qiao Ning (SAJC)

Mr Kua has been of great help to me in H2 Chemistry. I was struggling with Organic Chemistry back in J2 but with Mr Kua’s hand picked MCQ practices and detailed explanation of thinking processes in class, I was soon able to grasp my concepts, tackling more challenging questions, and eventually enjoyed solving questions involving Organic Chemistry. Mr Kua is also a very dedicated teacher who was willing to answer any doubts I had with my school work before and after lessons. Thank you for making me understand Chemistry and like it a little more! 🙂

Yoke Min (HCI)

With Mr Kua’s help, my chemistry results improved from an S grade to an A ! Mr Kua is really focused and engaging. He also plans his lessons very well so as to ensure that his students have constant practice for standard ‘A’ Level questions. Will recommend his class to anyone who asks!

Noelle Wong (TJC) 

As a student who has had her fair share of Chemistry teachers, I can assure you that Mr Kua is one of the best. His lessons are well-structured, organised and easy to understand, even for the most difficult of concepts. He is a dedicated teacher who will go the extra mile for his students, willingly staying back after classes to clarify all our doubts. Most importantly, his passion for Chemistry shines through his teaching. He genuinely loves the subject and you can truly tell that he wants to share this passion with his students. Naturally, this makes his lessons very engaging.

For those who are struggling with Chemistry, know that not all hope is lost. I was once like you, and Mr Kua really helped me through it and made it so much easier to understand. As long as you do not give up, you will be able to improve!

Vanessa Chan (NJC)

Mr Kua is a patient and committed teacher. He explains tough concepts in a simplified manner so that it is easier for students to digest. With his effective lesson plans, students are on the same page and lessons become more purposeful. His hand-picked questions of varying difficulties are beneficial for us to gain confidence and exposure. Thank you Mr Kua for your efforts! 🙂

Ying Shan (PJC)

Mr Kua is a down to earth and candid teacher who doesn’t fail to deliver content while using memorable analogies. Improvements in my chemistry grades took a year but during those few months, Mr Kua maintained his patience and confidence that the next time will be the breakthrough. He sees his students’ results (and/or degree of improvements) as an indicator of his teaching skills, which explains why he will go the extra mile to ensure that his students improve. I never had chemistry with Chemistry but under Mr Kua’s guidance, I survived the rigour of Chemistry and improved 4 grades.

Dabria (MJC)

Mr Kua managed to provide an engaging lesson on zoom – not an easy feat!

He’s very good at explaining and gives analogies you’d never dream of, making them memorable.

Alethea Pond (MI)

Mr Kua is a friendly and approachable teacher. I used to be completely clueless about Chemistry, with my grades consistently at S, but his lessons made me understand and like Chemistry a lot more 🙂 His explanations are easy to understand and his lessons are very engaging too!

Kaixin (NJC)

Mr Kua is an excellent teacher! Within such a short time span, he covered misconceptions that I had regarding certain topics in Chemistry, and managed to help me jump 5 grades to an A for A Levels from Prelims. I truly appreciate his teachings, and would give him 6 stars if I could 🙂

Shanyl Ong (RJC)

Mr Kua is a very helpful and patient teacher. His guidance had helped me to understand the subject better. When I have questions to ask, he will stay back after class to address them. I also very much appreciate the fact that he willingly answers my questions on Whatsapp, even on the day before exams. Although I have only attended his lessons for a period of about 5 months leading to the A levels, his classes have boosted my confidence in Chemistry, and I had found myself taking a greater interest in the subject.

Mei Shuen (HCI)

Mr Kua is a very approachable and fun teacher to be with. He would always stay back after class and answer any of our queries, especially nearing the exam period. In Mr Kua’s class, you are definitely in good hands!

Xin Yi (ACJC)

Mr Kua is very friendly and caring! His notes are good and his explanations are easy to understand 🙂

Justin Tan (HCI)

Excellent teacher 🙂 would definitely want to be your student again if i could! currently in the midst of a levels right now but at some point, the results don’t really matter much to me. i love your lessons as they are always so engaging. the notes provided are also very precise! 10/10 would recommend. joined in mid J1 when i encountered issues with quite a lot of topics and no regrets 🙂
and also, i would also like to thank you for pulling up my grades. the best feeling is to be able to complete my tutorials on my own, be able to listen in classes and lectures and understand them. thanks for allowing me to have that experience 🙂
once again, thanks for teaching me cher!!

Yoke Xuan (AJC)

My grades improved alot after joining Mr Kua’s tuition, it was U from MYE and my first lecture test after joining mr kua’s tuition centre i got a B!!! Mr Kua’s teaches in very interesting and easy-to-remember way and it helps me alot to fully understand the concepts and remember them without having to struggle to memorise! Mr Kua is also very helpful and effective by helping to consolidates topical questions from different JC’s paper for us to do as practices and his summary notes are THE BEST!!!!!

Yun Jie (EJC)

Good chemistry tuition with even better chemistry teacher. Tuition centre that is dedicated to teaching and will use tangible examples to let students understand.

Larry (VJC)

The lessons were very clear and I can understand concepts much better than in school, it saves me a lot of time then to study on my own. Mr Eric is a nice, experience and patient teacher so don’t worry about having a lots of questions to ask! Chapter summary sheets and practice on key questions are also consolidated by the teacher and provided to u!

Bingxin (EJC)

Despite having only attended this tuition centre for 2.5 months after receiving poor results for Chemistry in my preliminary examinations (scored a “D”), Mr Kua has tremendously helped to clarify some of my major misconceptions and increase my confidence and concept mastery within a short period of time. By providing multiple practices across all topics, as well as giving tips for practical (which I struggled greatly with throughout JC), all of these eventually helped me to improve my Chemistry grade to “A” in the actual GCE A Level examinations.

Despite us students being rather tired and quiet on Saturday mornings, Mr Kua tries his best to involve every student and make lessons more lively with occasional jokes and humorous remarks. He encourages us to try, creating a safe and comfortable environment to make mistakes without fear of being judged. Questions are also carefully selected to increase students’ exposure to different contexts and applications. These practices have helped me to identify the relation between the topics and not view them in isolation, which is key in H2 Chemistry.

2.5 months may seem too short a time, daunting and almost impossible task to pull my grade up to an “A”. However, with Mr Kua’s patient guidance, and due perseverance and diligence on my part, I am able to improve tremendously.

A word of advice: Contribute actively in class as it helps you to identify where your answers went wrong and how you can prevent such mistakes in future when encountering similar questions. Don’t worry, Mr Kua is very nice and wouldn’t judge you 🙂

Thank you very much Mr Kua for all your encouragements and for having faith in us!

Nellie (RVHS)

Mr Kua is a great teacher. He is very funny and explains abstract concepts with humour so we as students can understand better. He drills students about the important points in each chapter (I still remember how to draw a hydrogen bond) and revises pointers every now and then to really strengthen our memory. His approach to teaching really helps to build a solid foundation for H2 Chemistry, and helped me improve a lot between J1 to J2.

Kelly (EJC)

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