Revision for A level Chemistry

Revision for A level Chemistry

Students and parents (as well as teachers) are all getting nervous about the impending Prelims. Some parents are asking me why aren’t their children making progress in their studies even though they spent long hours revising and attending tuition.

One of the main reason is that students have to reflect on how they are studying, not just trying to remember the content.

There are many students who will just keep doing ten-year series until the A levels, that is not good revision! After marking, they should ask themselves what was the mistakes made and why.

Practise do not make perfect, only practise with reflection brings improvement. One suggestion i make to students is to write down why they did not get the correct answer and not just look at the model answer thinking that they understood it. Asking themselves why they made the mistake and writing down the misconception will help them not to repeat the same mistakes again.

Another suggestion is to go over the tuitions/revision packages/tys etc and write down the common question types for each topic. See how the questions are being structured and what are the standard questions asked. There is no reason why students can’t do common standard questions.

These 3 months are crucial for students, hope they will manage their time well.

Wishing all J2 students the best for their forthcoming Prelims!



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