Reflection and awareness

Reflection and awareness

In this fast paced society, it is imperative that we take time for reflection at the end of the day.

To be aware of what is happening around us and how we are living our lives.

I once heard from Bob Procter, ” If all the good of the universe is pour over us, it wouldn’t make the slightest different UNTIL, we become AWARE of it“. Think about it, until a child becomes aware what money is and what it can buy, they wouldn’t actually be happy even if you write them a cheque for a million dollars.

Our awareness, or consciousness, of opportunities around us…needs to be awaken. Through mentors who have done it before, through reading books, through reflections.

Thinking back when i was younger, reflection isn’t a part of my routines and i didn’t really grow in awareness.

Sometimes when i look at students, there are those who reflect upon what they’ve learnt and grew in knowledge. And then there are those who keep repeating the same mistakes no matter how many times they do the same kind of questions.

Parents are understandably worried when they do not see improvements after a few months of tuition, but we would need to see how the student revise their work and if they do any form of reflection.

Reflecting on what they have done and their thought process, then seeing the answers and the thought process required. How to bridge that gap? There’s a few ways students can bridge this gap.

  1. Hard core repetition. Keep on doing prelim and tys questions. Try to remember all the different types of questions and the answers. Rote learning.
  2. Doing a few questions, analyse and try a few more questions to see if you understand the concepts.

There are countless ways which cambridge can  phrase the questions, using the rote learning method might land you a decent grade but most likely not a distinction. There are around 25-30% of questions which are novel, which means you need to think on the spot. If you can’t think using the concepts that you’ve learnt, probably wouldn’t do exceptionally well for Advanced level exams.

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