It’s the one silent killer that kills all our best intentions. Why do we always wait until it’s too late? Prevention is better than Cure, but nobody believes it. It’s the same with health, studies, career, relationships, income/sex inequalities, even global warming.

We wait until the symptoms can no longer be ignored. A stroke, heart attack, diabetes, high cholesterol. Failing grades, retrenchment, divorce, societal unrest/revolt, rising sea levels, crazy weather storms.

What do all these things have in common?

Their decline is unnoticeable, minute. A slow boiling of the frog. And our adaptability works against us here.

Mel Ribbons gives a great interview here with Tom Bilyeu about how we can stop procrastination.

One of the best habits i have which helps me mightily in the fight against procrastination is a daily to-do list.

Obeying and checking off the to-do list gives me a sense of progress, which is sooooooo important to get us moving off our butts. I know that when i fail to come up with a to-do list by Sunday night, most of the time, i’m going to be lounging around the house getting nothing much done for the whole week. But when i have a list, it reminds me, no it whips me mentally to look at it and get off my butt.

Although a to-do list is a good idea, do make sure that the things that you list helps your progress towards one of your long term goals that you care deeply about. How to know what goals you care deeply about? That’s a post for another day 🙂

So what is your weapon against procrastination? Do you even know what are the areas in your life you need to stop procrastinating?

Take action today, now! Like Mel says, use the 5 seconds rule to just do it, don’t let your brain have the time to talk you out of it.

All the best! 🙂

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