Mr Khemistry H2 Chemistry

Mr Kua is a NUS graduate with a degree in Pure Chemistry. He is also the pioneer batch of University Scholars, USP. 

Mr Kua has been teaching Chemistry at Meridian Junior College from 2006 to 2017. His first form class achieved 100% distinction in JC H2 A level Chemistry in 2007.

He published a “H2 Chemistry Practical Guide” book with SpotExcel Publishers to meet the demand from private candidates for additional experimental practice.

In 2018, Mr Kua obtained the certificate for “Harvard Teaching and Learning Strategies for Higher Education“ course, in line with our core philosophy of lifelong teaching and learning.

In 2019, he published “Novel Organic Chemistry Questions” book with CPD publishers to provide additional resources for higher ability students who wants to stretch themselves in Organic Chemistry

He was the Chief Olympiad Trainer for Catholic High School (Sec) for 2020.

In 2021, “Organic Chemistry – Mastering Synthesis and Elucidation Questions” was published to give students a framework for navigating synthesis and deductive questions successfully.

Mr Kua’s JC H2 A level tuition students have achieved more than 80% distinction and 2-5 grade improvement at A levels.

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Harvard Certificate

Eric Kua Harvard Certificate

PGDE – Postgraduate Diploma in Education Certificate

Eric Kua - Postgraduate Diploma in Education Certificate

USP – University Scholars Programme

Eric Kua - University Scholars Programme Certificate

UROPS – Undergraduate Research Opportunity Programme

Eric Kua Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme

A Level H2 Chemistry Practical Guide

A Level H2 Chemistry Practical Guide

Novel Organic Question Book

Novel Organic Question Book