Preparations for A level

Preparations for A level

This seems like a pretty odd time to be advocating students to start preparing for their A levels next Nov. However, winter time is always the best time to prepare for a major expedition. In this time, almost everyone is flying overseas for holidays, we need to start our preparations.

What do we need to prepare for? Clarification of doubts for J1 topics as most of them will not be revisited until late in Sept when we are revising for prelims. Even then at that crucial period, there will not be enough time to correct all the misconceptions in the foundation topics. For your information, the pace of lectures will be 1.5 times faster in J2 as there will be an extra period allocated to all the H2 content subjects. This is due to the completion of PW in J1.

As GCE A levels is mainly a two year program, this mid-program break of about 1.5 months is extremely crucial. Sadly, many students were not able to plan a consistent study schedule. Having a goal in mind is essential to taking actions. We do not want to be busy just for the sake of being busy.

For preparations for A level H2 Chemistry, it’s essential that you get adequate practise for physical chemistry topics. Topics such as Mole Concept, Energetics, Chemical Equilibrium, Kinetics and Gases cannot just be scanned through. The process of calculating the answer has to be practised regularly.

Victory does not go to the smarter nor to the fast, it belongs to those who diligently prepare for it and take prompt action.

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