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20th July 2018

Posture for Learning

Did you know that there’s a posture for learning? I didn’t until quite someone pointed out the link between posture and our physiological state of mind. 

A couple of examples:

You get angry and your nostrils flare, face turns red and your fists clench. 

Watching a scary movie and your heart beats faster, palms get sweaty and your breathing becomes shallow.

These are our bodies’ physical response to our state of mind, it works the other way too i.e. adjusting your body’s posture will alter your state of mind.

E.g. Before you step up the stage to give a presentation, you breathe deeply to calm your nerves.

Breathing deeply also works to cool down anger.

So what IS the posture for learning?

As teachers, we know that our enthusiasm and passion for what we are teaching will rub off on the students we are teaching. We learn how to engage students and keep their attention. 

How about students? What should you do to ensure that you are in the best frame of mind for learning? First, take note of what NOT to do.

  1. Passive listening 
  2. Folding of arms
  3. Leaning back on your chair or slouching/sleeping on your desk
  4. Staring into space
  5. Constantly checking your handphone

What kind of posture encourages learning?

  1. Relevant notes on your desk with pen and highlighter ready
  2. Sitting up and leaning slightly forward
  3. Engaging with what the teacher is saying, ask questions when in doubt

Happy Learning! 🙂



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