Recently, had a friend do a corporate photoshoot for me. Wasn’t expecting too much as the previous photoshoots sessions i had were un-inspiring.

But i was pleasantly surprised. He brought along the lighting gear and the prime lenses…also had an assistant to help with the set-up.

Very different from the photoshoots i had previously. Not that the previous photographers wasn’t professional, it was just a spirit of excellence that Ken (my photographer friend) put into the shoot.

He captured the class in session without disrupting the lesson, knew exactly which is the better side to take my profile picture, generally gives people the feeling of a true professional. Now i know why he’s so sought after. Below are some of the pictures he took for me that day.

I guess in life, you kind of have to go through those who are amateurs, those who just do the bare minimum, the professional and then you have the ones at the top of their game. Ken belongs to the last group, his passion for photography is matched only by his expertise in utilizing those high tech gears and lenses. The end result is an art form which elevates the mundane to the extraordinary. Thank you bro, for your outstanding service!

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By the way, for those who are interested in engaging Ken’s service, please google “Blackbox Photography” or Ken Photography.

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