Mr Khemistry H2 Chemistry

Mr Kua is a NUS graduate with a degree in Pure Chemistry. He is also the pioneer batch of University Scholars, USP. 

Mr Kua has been teaching Chemistry at Meridian Junior College from 2006 to 2017. His first form class achieved 100% distinction in JC H2 A level Chemistry in 2007.

He published a “H2 Chemistry Practical Guide” book with SpotExcel Publishers to meet the demand from private candidates for additional experimental practice.

In 2018, Mr Kua obtained the certificate for “Harvard Teaching and Learning Strategies for Higher Education“ course, in line with our core philosophy of lifelong teaching and learning.

In 2019, he published “Novel Organic Chemistry Questions” book with CPD publishers to provide additional resources for higher ability students who wants to stretch themselves in Organic Chemistry

He was the Chief Olympiad Trainer for Catholic High School (Sec) for 2020.

In 2021, “Organic Chemistry – Mastering Synthesis and Elucidation Questions” was published to give students a framework for navigating synthesis and deductive questions successfully.

Mr Kua’s JC H2 A level tuition students have achieved more than 80% distinction and 2-5 grade improvement at A levels.

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Dr Marcus Phua received his Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Chemistry from the National University of Singapore, and has completed his Doctor of Philosophy, having carried out research in NUS Department of Chemistry, Department of Pharmacy and Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine.

Dr Phua has been providing pre-tertiary Chemistry tuition since 2014 and taught students from various schools, including Raffles Institution and Hwa Chong Institution. His students has shown marked improvements in grades, with the fastest seen in a test conducted the next day after the first lesson. His classroom teaching style centres around his students’ systematic understanding and firm grasp of concepts to promote their ability to apply to different types of questions during examinations. He also actively engages his students through higher order questions so as to quickly identify and bridge the gaps in their content knowledge. Dr Phua has extensive experience teaching group classes, both in-person, hybrid or online.

Dr Phua was also involved in teaching courses for NUS-Technical University of Munich (TUM) Asia’s Industrial Chemistry programme, and served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for NUS Forensic Science programmes both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He previously trained as a medicinal chemist in A*STAR Experimental Therapeutics Centre (now Experimental Drug Development Centre) and was best student for graduate course assessment in Drug Discovery and second for Honours course assessment in Organic Chemistry.

Mr Phua’s students have achieved at least 2-5 grades improvement at A levels.

Mr Eugene Chew received his Bachelor of Science (1st Class Honours) from the National University of Singapore, receiving Dean’s list (top 5% of cohort) twice along the way. He went on to complete the teaching diploma at NIE and served as a secondary school teacher in MOE. During his time in MOE, he was Curriculum leader in charge of the review and creation of materials for the revised upper secondary O level chemistry syllabus.

Eugene has been teaching Chemistry tuition since 2012 and taught students from various Integrated Programmes, including Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution, Singapore Chinese Girls School, Nanyang Girls School and National JC (IP 3 & 4). He  has vast experience teaching students from IP, O level track, GEP and even international students.

Eugene crafts his notes and materials to be detailed, comprehensive, but still clear and concise. More importantly, the delivery of his lessons is clear and to the point. For major topics, there will be full colour laminated summary sheets and questions divided into subtopics, arranged according to difficulty level. With his wealth of teaching strategies, curated note and practice questions, Eugene is dedicated to the academic success of his students.

92% of students improved by at least 3 grades

99.3% of students scoring As and Bs

65% of students achieving distinction (vs 42.8% national average)

Mr Khoh was conferred Master of Science in Chemistry from National University of Singapore and received his Post-graduate Diploma in Education (Distinction) from National Institute of Education.

He served ten years in MOE as a full-time teacher, first at a reputable Junior College where he was appointed as a Subject Head and was nominated for the Outstanding Youth in Education Award. Subsequently, he also taught a few years at a Secondary School. Mr Khoh is experienced teaching students from IP/O level and A level tracks. He is also very skilled in asking higher order questions to probe students’ current understanding of chemistry concepts.

Mr Khoh builds rapport easily with youths and was invited twice to his ex-students’ Teaching Award and Teaching Scholarship presentation ceremonies. Most recently, he was also honoured as the teacher who had inspired a Koh Boon Hwee Scholars Award recipient from Nanyang Technological University.

As a teacher, Mr Khoh is patient and effective in teaching concepts and he believes all students have the capability to do well academically.

Harvard Certificate

Eric Kua Harvard Certificate

PGDE – Postgraduate Diploma in Education Certificate

Eric Kua - Postgraduate Diploma in Education Certificate

NIE Cert

RL NIE cert

UROPS – Undergraduate Research Opportunity Programme

Eric Kua Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme

A Level H2 Chemistry Practical Guide

A Level H2 Chemistry Practical Guide

Novel Organic Question Book

Novel Organic Question Book

USP – University Scholars Programme

USP - University Scholars Programme

NUS cert

RL NUS cert

Synthesis and Elucidation Book


NUS Certificate

NUS Cert

NIE cert

eugene NIE cert

NUS cert

eugene NUS cert

Dean's List

eugene dean list 1

Dean's List

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MOE teaching award

MOE teaching award