Online Tuition – The Next Paradigm Shift

Online Tuition

Online Tuition, the next major paradigm shift. Every tuition, whether private or centre, has to adapt to this new paradigm. Even the students.

Every student or parent or centre or teacher who does not embrace this shift will be left behind.

People who cling on to the old ways of giving tuition will be left behind.

Now i got to give a disclaimer, i’m no prophet. Tried giving online lessons 2 years ago but students were not keen. So i dropped the idea. Now this idea is forcibly pushed upon us so nobody has a choice.

Students who think they are very smart and simply login, mark their attendance (for school lessons) and then go to bed will reap the consequences at the end of the year.

Some students who can’t study on their own and need tuition, still do not want to transit to online lessons will be in for a rude shock as the more open-minded ones adapt to the new paradigm.

Parents distrust having tuition lessons online because they think students cannot absorb as well. My personal opinion is that even if the student takes in 50%, that’s still better than zero.

Tutors who do not transit to online lessons, who simply record their lessons, will probably lose their students. Or worse, pausing lessons until circuit breaker is over. Nobody knows when this will be over. Even after CB lifts, tuition might not be the first to resume business as usual.

As of now, we need to wait til June to have any chance of resuming tuition.

People’s habits will change. In this case, this will be a game-changer.


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