Life skill

Life Skill

Let me start with a little anecdote. What if i tell you i have a fully paid vacation for you and your whole family to Hawaii, for 10 days. This offer has no catch except that you must leave tomorrow morning. Would you go? I bet most of us would scramble to delegate our tasks to do for the next 10 days just so that we can go for this trip no?

And since we can do that, why don’t we increase our productivity everyday just practising this hypothetical situation? Imagine packing all you can do in 10 days into just 1 day. And do it repeatedly for the next 30 days. Just how much can you get done in this month?

The truth is, our capacity is a mental state of mind. All limitations are self-imposed. Men can do whatever we set our minds to do. Nothing that we PURPOSED to do (set a goal to achieve) will be impossible.

So why is this important for us to realize? Because it is a life skill. Students often lament the lack of time. I believe it’s more a lack of purpose, or goals. Why do some students (even adults) find it hard to get up from their beds in the morning? Always feeling lethargic and tired. Procrastinating on basically anything and everything? Distracted by social media, tv etc. Again, it is due to the lack of a big enough goal/purpose.

If we set goals that affect us emotionally, that excites us, galvanize us, would we be distracted easily? Or struggle to get out of bed? Probably not. Hence, set goals. Don’t procrastinate. Move! Take action and watch your life change. You’re welcome 🙂

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