Job Hazard of a Tuition Teacher

Tuition Teacher Job Hazards

I never expected to find that the transition from a teacher in school to a private tuition teacher would be a significant one but i was wrong.

If you are a teacher thinking about making the switch to a full-time tutor, do consider these issues before you take the plunge.

First up is the financial aspect.

An average teacher earns around $70-$100k annually, depending on their grade and education level. This works out to be $5800 – $8300 per month, which is way above the median salary for Singapore. That’s if the teacher didn’t take up a couple of private tuitions. If they do take up perhaps one private tuition, their monthly salary would likely to be at least around $7k. This is a pretty stable income and may i add, quite a decent one.  On the other hand, income for tuition teachers are quite seasonal and obviously not guaranteed. For private tutors (not tuition centres owner), the rough estimate is around 60+k a year. 

Second is the social aspect.

I had a lot of fri-leagues (friends cum colleagues) in my previous workplace which makes the workload much more bearable. Of course being in the JC level, most of our work is communal and we could easily discuss it as a group/level.  Thanks to my friends who had been working as private tutors, i already knew this would be an issue. Fortunately for me, i have a group of friends who are also operating tuition centres so we were able to discuss common topics like marketing etc.

Third and surprisingly was the health aspect

…which is the impetus for this post. I have just came back from a visit to the ENT specialist. Recently i had trouble projecting my voice in class and was worried that it would be something bad. Realised that it is a case of acid reflux.

Why did it not happen for the 10+ years when i was teaching in school?

Simple answer is that i had quite regular mealtimes and did not take supper during school term as i slept early. So when i transited to tuition full-time, my mealtimes became irregular and i started eating heavy suppers after the evening lessons. This caused the acid reflux which affected my vocal cords. If you have this problem too, take note of the dietary requirements.

So do think through and consider how you can circumvent these problems before taking the plunge! 🙂



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