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Public Service Announcement – Parking App
(for carparks with no electronic gantry eliminates use of coupons)

Met with a copier company salesperson last month after my IP chem tuition. They proposed to takeover my existing contract and provide me with a new copier. 

So met their salesperson but their pricing wasn’t really competitive plus there was an additional lock-in period. As we walked to the carpark to our respective cars, i saw him taking out his phone to check on his app. I asked him what was he doing and he shared that there’s an app which can replace carpark coupons.

It can deduct the amount directly from the credit card or debit card. I was so glad to discover this app as i always had problems with buying carpark coupons (there are only a few places which sells these). Additionally it was hard to estimate how much time i would spend after a class answering questions. With this app, i could extend the coupon remotely and it even refunds me the prorated amount if i didn’t use up the whole 30 mins! It was pure genius 🙂 

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To think that something like this had been around for at least a year (found out it went live in Oct 2017) and i didn’t know about it. Well, better late than never.

IP Chem tuition – Reflections

How do we use technology to improve teaching and learning in IP Chem tuition and JC Chem tuition? In our lives, there are often inefficiencies, take time to think about how we can improve. May not involve technology, most of the life’s “hacks” does not involve IT, just thinking out of the box. 

Do you have any life hacks that vastly improved your daily life? Share it in the comments! Would love to know other nifty ways to improve my life!

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