How to improve JC H2 Chem – Part 2

With all the challenges facing the JC H2 Chem students, it’s no wonder many are struggling to do well in the subject. 

Suggested solutions

There are a couple of solutions that might help but these will probably not be implemented anytime soon.

  1. Cut down A level syllabus. And do not re-package additional content with every review. Students do not need more content to study, they need more time to really learn the fundamental concepts! Sadly, this will probably not happen.
  2. Reduce class size. Not likely to happen, ministry would rather merge schools than adopt a more optimal teacher-to-student ratio.

So what’s a parent/student to do? Turn to external help, what else? At A level, it’s mostly out of the parents’ league to tutor the child themselves. So better to look for experienced teachers who are able to guide the students properly.

At Mr Khemistry, we have a good Teacher-to-student ratio to ensure that students get the attention they need. Questions are encouraged and positively reinforced during lessons. And most importantly, time is given for students to take down the blanks before explanation. (Yes, there are still blanks!) 

We give adequate practise for the students to get a good grasp of the concepts tested but not too much until they are overwhelmed. For most topics, there are typically around 6-10 structured questions.

There is also weekly mini quiz on standard kind of question that students need to master. Prior notice will be given on which concept will be tested and it is usually a short 3-4 marks question.

J2 classes also get 10 prelim MCQs to help revise various J1 topics weekly. As usual, worked solutions will be discussed the following week.

If all these are not enough to help the student, ad hoc private lessons can be arranged to help address specific topics that the JC H2 chem student needs help in.

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