It is one of the most mysterious concept to the JC chemistry students. This is a concept that is mainly for carbon atom.

Some colleges teach it under chemical bonding, others teach it during introduction to organic chemistry.

No matter where it’s taught, it would be good if you understand what is the main idea here.

Main Gist

Hybridization is simply mixing of atomic orbitals, notably the s and p orbitals for carbon.

1 s + 1 p = two sp hybrid orbitals     => shape: linear (180 bond angle)

1 s + 2 p = three sp^2 hybrid orbitals   => shape: trigonal planar (120 bond angle)

1 s + 3 p = four sp^3 hybrid orbitals   => shape: tetrahedral   (109.5 bond angle)

So there you go, the above is the most important information you’d need.

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