H2 Chemistry Tuition

H2 Chemistry Tuition

Q: Why isn’t there group tuition for H1 Chemistry like for H2 Chemistry Tuition?

A: Because there isn’t enough demand to form a group, so usually we try to give 1-on-1 private tuition. However, if you are able to bring along 2 more friends, we will open up a new slot for H1 group tuition. Do note that for classes with only 2 students will be prorated accordingly.


Q: What makes you an expert in H2 Chemistry Tuition?

A: Our principal tutor, Mr Eric Kua, taught H2 Chemistry at JC level for more than 10 years. Thus he is well versed in the syllabus and the common mistakes made by students. Mr Kua has also taught students from most of the Junior Colleges in Singapore, including Eunoia JC.

Some students have asked if it’s possible to have an exclusive class for their college. The answer is yes, provided there are at least 4 students to start the class. 


Q: Why should I get Chemistry tuition?

A: Chemistry is the central science, all combination in science stream for JC includes chemistry. And chemistry is the only science that is compulsory for entry into medicine, requirement is that students have a “good” pass in chemistry (See appended image below from NUS website)

NUS Entry requirement for medicine



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