Changes in weightage for H2 'A' Level Chemistry Syllabus 2017

13th June 2017

Changes in weightage for H2 Chemistry syllabus 2017

‘A’ Level Chemistry Syllabus

Overview of changes in weightage:

A level H2 Chemistry weightage

Table showing weightage

Table taken from SEAB website

All students required to take practical paper 4, including private candidates.

This means that candidates retaking their A level chemistry paper this year will have to sit for a 20% weightage practical paper.
Also, their previous SPA scores will not be counted.

So you are a private student retaking A level H2 chemistry this year, do try to enroll yourself in a private school which provides practical lessons.

‘A’ Level Chemistry Syllabus weightage

Paper 1 will be 30 MCQ (with 5-8 Multiple Completion Type) instead of 40 MCQ (10 MCT). Lower weightage.

Paper 2 data-based question will be 20-25 marks out of 75 instead of 15-20 marks out of 72, which gives it a higher weightage.

Planning question shifted from Paper 2 to Paper 4. Weightage is similar ~11/12 marks.

Paper 3 now has two sections, Section A 60 marks of 3-4 compulsory questions. Section B 20 marks, choose one of two questions.
Previously students choose 4 of 5 20 mark questions.
This means that there is lesser chances of avoiding a certain topic since bulk of the questions are compulsory.
Questions will include different topics.

Overall, 5% of weightage shifted over from MCQ to Paper 2.

There is a shift away from remembering large chunks of information and a shift toward application of knowledge.
Hence there is a real need to guide students to often and consciously apply their knowledge to unfamiliar contexts.

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