Group vs Private Tuition

Group vs Private Tuition

No matter whether you’re a student or parent looking for tuition for your child, this question undoubtedly popped into your mind.

So what are the pros and cons of each and which is more suitable for you? Read on to find out…


  • Follows a set topic schedule.
  • Limited interaction during lessons.
  • Timings are fixed, lessons usually cannot be rescheduled.
  • Cheaper compared to private 1-on-1.
  • Group dynamics allows for student discussions and learning.
  • Likely to have customized notes.


  • Flexible timing according to mutual availability. Lessons can be rescheduled.
  • Flexible topics according to student’s needs.
  • 100{8445fa0408f68c331c03e03f10d6a7bff33fb7168cc52e9b2191ddf5ec3671a6} attention from tutor.
  • Only 1 student so no peer learning or discussion.
  • Usually no customized notes.
  • More expensive compared to  group.

If the student is really struggling badly, scoring less than 30{8445fa0408f68c331c03e03f10d6a7bff33fb7168cc52e9b2191ddf5ec3671a6} in tests and major exams, the course of action is to go for private lessons if finances allows. 

In the event that the student is not doing too badly, > 40{8445fa0408f68c331c03e03f10d6a7bff33fb7168cc52e9b2191ddf5ec3671a6} in tests and major exams, group tuition might work. It is generally not recommended if the student is not motivated to study on his/her own. 

Do call/whatsapp us at 98537960 to let us know if you’re not sure which to go for. 

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