Graduating classes 2018

Mr Khemistry – A level Chemistry tutor

This year, we have a lot more students graduating from Mr Khemistry’s H2 JC chemistry tuition classes.

JC H2 A level Chemistry class

Thursday class

A level JC H2 Chemistry tuition class

Saturday class

A level H2 JC chemistry tuition class

Sunday class








As more students come to us, hopefully the quality of teaching will become even better. We would like to wish all students who passed through our doors the very best in their A level exams and indeed in all their future endeavors. 

A levels is but one of life’s many challenges, many students overcome this challenge and there are also some that failed. Nonetheless, as long as we learn from it, this experience will never be wasted. Recently, i read in a book about how a teacher explained the use of algebra in real life to a student questioning the usefulness of the topic. She said that learning algebra is like going to the gym, we don’t pump iron because we need to use this skill of pumping iron in real life. Rather, we pump iron in gym to develop our muscles to use in other areas of our lives. Studying algebra is like training our mental muscles for use in other areas of our lives. 

So too, is studying chemical bonding or energetics in chemistry. It’s unlikely we will actually use these knowledge in real life but we can use the mental muscles we developed to help solve life’s challenges.

As the late Jim Rohn once said, “How you do something is how you do everything.” “Every discipline whether good or bad, affects all other areas of your life.” I would like to leave my graduating classes with this thought. How you approach this exam will likely be how you approach major challenges in life in the future. So give it all you’ve got, don’t give up easily, push through and come out victorious on the other side. All the best!

Your A level Chemistry Tutor,
Mr Khemistry 🙂





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