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Q: Where are lessons held?
A: Bukit Timah Shopping Centre #02-63 (turn left if you are coming up the escalator), other venues will commerce upon sufficient demand.

Q: What do students need to bring along?
A: Writing paper, calculator, data booklet and stationery. Optional: sweater for bukit timah venue.

Q: What are the payment terms?
A: Fees are to be paid on the first lesson for the month. We will prorate fees for months with 5 weeks.

There is a one time registration fee of $80 which includes cost of printed notes for the whole year.

Q: Can i pay by cheque?
A: Yes you can. Alternatively, you can pay by cash, PayNow (to UEN) or interbank transfer. An official receipt will be issued.

Q: Do you engage other tutors to teach?
A: All classes are taught by Mr Eric Kua. 
IB private lessons taught by our IB tutor (Dr Martin)

Q: Will there be a refund if i missed a lesson?
A: Students can go for any available make-up classes but there will be no refund or prorating of fees as this is group tuition. 

Q: Will i be charged if i missed a private lesson?

A: If you notify the tutor on the day of lesson, 50% of lesson fees will be chargeable. Please inform the tutor at least one day in advance if you have to reschedule lessons.

Q: What if the Tutor is unable to conduct a lesson?
A: Tutor will conduct make-up lesson.

Q: Will there be lessons on a Public Holiday?
A: Lessons will go on as normal. Tutor may reschedule the lesson if all students are able to make it for an alternative day.

Q: Are there any extra preparatory lessons for major exams and during holidays?
A: Yes, there will be extra preparatory lessons, it is compulsory to attend these lessons to revise important concepts and to gear up for the major exams. 

Q: Can you open up a new lesson slot for me?
A: Yes we can open up new lesson slots, subject to adequate demand. Please get in touch with us at 98537960.

Q: Is there practical lessons available?
A: At the moment, there’s no regular practical lessons however, private candidates may check with us for ad hoc practical classes.

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