Where are lessons held?

Bukit Timah Shopping Centre #02-63 (turn left if you are coming up the escalator), other venues will commerce upon sufficient demand.

What do students need to bring along?

Writing paper, calculator, data booklet and stationery. Optional: sweater for bukit timah venue.

What are the payment terms?

Fees are to be paid before the first lesson for the month. We will prorate fees for months with 5 weeks. There is a one time registration fee which includes cost of printed notes and access to student portal for the whole year.

Can i pay at the end of the month instead?

We do not hold 1 month’s deposit and that is why we collect fees at the start of the month. Thank you for your understanding!

Can i pay by cash?

Yes you can but electronic payment is strongly encouraged. Alternatively, you can pay by PayNow (to UEN 201809445D) or interbank transfer (OCBC current account 588139725001). An official receipt will be issued.

Do you engage other tutors to teach?

JC H2 classes are taught by Mr Eric Kua and Mr Marcus Phua.
IB and H3 classes are taught by Mr Marcus Phua.
O level lessons are helmed by Mr Eric Kua and Mr Jeremy Neo.

I can find cheaper group tuition, why should i attend lessons at Mr Khemistry?

We believe what we are offering to students is value for money. The student portal alone has resources worth more than $2000. (With more resources added weekly!) On top of the weekly lessons and whatsapp consultations, we are confident of bringing you (or your child) your desired improvement.

What if i cannot afford to pay the full fees? Is there discounts for FA students?

Yes, if you are under Financial Assistance scheme in school, we would like to help. However, please note that this is on a case-by-case basis.

I feel that online lessons are not as good as face to face lessons.

Each type of lessons has its pros and cons.

Face to face lesson:
Pros: Tutor can make use of the large whiteboard in class, no distractions, conducive learning environment. Printed notes.
Cons: Travelling time and limited seats available.

Online lesson:
Pros: No need to travel and unlimited replay.
Cons: Dependent on internet connection, distractions at home, notes are not printed.

The venue is too far away. My parents don't want me to travel so far.

If you are not willing to travel, you can opt for our online live zoom lessons or our recorded lessons. You can also sign up for our student portal and enrol in specific modules instead.

Am i suitable to join your classes?

Much as we would like to help everyone, not all students are suitable for group tuition. If you are unmotivated to study, very weak in basic concepts (scored B4 and below for Pure Chemistry at O levels, scored B3 and below for Combined Science), highly dependent on teacher’s spoon-feeding instead of revising independently…you are probably not suitable for group tuition.

Are there any extra preparatory lessons for major exams and during holidays?

Yes, there will be extra preparatory lessons for JC 1 going on to JC 2, it is compulsory to attend these lessons to revise important concepts and to gear up for the major exams.
For Sec 3 going on to Sec 4, revision lessons will continue after SA2. In the event there is less than 2 students, lessons will resume in January instead.

Will there be a refund if i missed a lesson?

Students can go for any available make-up classes but there will be no refund or prorating of fees as this is group tuition.
Recording will be sent to absentees and can also be made available upon request.

Will there be lessons on a Public Holiday?

Lessons will go on as normal. Tutor may reschedule the lesson if all students are able to make it for an alternative day.

Can you open up a new lesson slot for me?

Yes we can open up new lesson slots, minimum 3 students to start a new class.
IB SL and H3 students may contact us for availability. Please get in touch with us at 83322534.

Is trial lesson available?

First-time students are more than welcome to attend a paid trial lesson before deciding. Trial fees is prorated for 1 lesson. Students who continue with us after the trial just needs to transfer the remaining lessons payment and material fees.

I feel that the lesson pace is too fast for me, i don't understand anything!

Mr Kua is very friendly and approachable, please do not hesitate to raise questions if you are in doubt during lessons. We can also send you the recorded lesson upon request. Basic concept videos is also available at your convenience on the student portal. Mr Kua can also be reached via whatsapp for any clarification.

The schedule of the topics are different from my college, i feel confused.

JC 1 – 70% of the topics covered from Feb to July are the same as those are basic topics. If your college is covering different topics in Aug and Sept, take it that you are learning the next topic in advance. Remember, it is always slightly confusing when you learn new topics, keep calm and just follow the lesson.

JC 2 – The first 3 months most of the colleges will be going through organic chemistry. Followed by Electrochemistry and Transition Elements. By June, we are all doing revision. So there wouldn’t be any conflict.

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