Eunoia JC Open House

Eunoia JC Open House 2020

Went for Eunoia JC open house upon my student’s invitation. One of the things which struck me is how much wood was featured in the school building. Apparently, my student say it was imported from Europe and very sturdy. The whole feel of the classrooms is like a corporate co-working space.

They brought me around the school to see some of the more outstanding features:

View from the library








View along corridor








900 seater auditorium


Elevated track and field

Elevated track and field










The canteen is a open space with a very high ceiling that opens out towards the park, i was busy eating and forgot to take a picture ><

Heard most of the toilets are also open-air but i didn’t use those.

We missed the Principal’s talk, didn’t want to stay until Chemistry talk as it was 3-4pm at the chem lab.

Meet quite a few ex-colleagues there and they weren’t even chemistry teachers haha. The two chemistry teachers i know are not around.

Before i left, had a chance to hear my student perform Erhu and Gaohu (a higher pitched Erhu), very nice tune i must say.

Hope all the students had fun touring the campus as much as i did 🙂

Eunoia students, here what you think of your new campus?

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