“If all the good in this universe were to be poured out on us, we could only receive these blessings to the extent that we are conscious of it.”


Think about it for a moment.


Sometimes we are just not at the level to receive all the blessings God has for us. It isn’t because we are not blessed, rather it’s because we are not AWARE.


Imagine this, i give my son a thousand dollars cash. He laughs and throws the dollar bill away.


Is it a good gift? Yes, he can probably buy a lot of things with it BUT he is not at the maturity where he can understand it.

Conversely, when presented with just a $1 lollipop, he is over the moon.


Sometimes we get frustrated when people don’t see what we are plainly saying. Why don’t they understand?


It’s not that they don’t want to, they can’t.


Everybody’s level of consciousness is different.


We tend to perceive the world around us through our physical senses. In reality, the world around us is so much more than what we can physically sense.


If you take a moment to think about all the inventions that has taken place over the past hundred years, it is simply mind-boggling. Many of the things we take for granted, that operates via electricity, waves, frequencies, energy…everything that we cannot see or heard. Are these things real? How did the inventors discover these powers?


Take time to raise your level of awareness, you do that by making use of the most potent wave/energy at your disposal.




Thought wave is the most potent form of energy we have that can penetrate time and space. Yet many don’t take the time to think.


Our thoughts are the only thing that sets us apart from all other life forms.


The Bible says “God created Man a little lower than angels.” Angels we know are mighty spiritual beings that carries out God’s orders.


Man is a little lower than angels. Imagine that.


What else do we know? If man can think it, nothing is impossible for him.


Most of what we want to achieve is in the material realm, more money, higher grades, bigger house, faster cars etc.


We just need to think and raise our level of awareness/consciousness.


Study your mind, learn how you, as a human being work. <— read that a few more times.


The day that you gain a higher awareness of your self, is the day that everything will change for you.


The most important study we will ever undertake is the study of our self.


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