Chemistry in Daily life - A look at how plastics have changed our lives.

6th December 2018

Chemistry in Daily life

Chemistry in Daily life

chemistry in daily life

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Plastics is one of the most important inventions Chemistry has made in 19th century. It is so pervasive in our lives that we seldom stop to think just how much we depend on it. Have a look around your house, how many things are made of plastics? Try going to the grocery stores or buying any food without getting a bunch of plastic bags. It is nearly impossible. This morning, my wife and i went grocery shopping, we brought along two recycle bags and one plastic bag to carry our groceries. Initially everything went well and we were able to fit it all into the three bags. As usual, we got complacent and bought some snacks after our shopping to munch on later….then guess what? 

We got a bunch of plastic bags which the food vendor used to pack our food in! The realisation that all our efforts were for naught in the end was especially jarring. To be really environmentally friendly and abstain from the use of plastic bags in our modern lives is next to impossible! Every thing comes in plastic bags, food, groceries, etc. 

Recycle bags

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In the face of global warming and catastrophic climate disasters, we need to persevere in  our efforts to go green. This “Chemistry in Daily life” post hopes to stir up a desire in all of us to do what we can toward a better tomorrow for our children.

We must leave earth a better place for them, as it is, we are destroying this green planet with our thoughtless actions. Let’s all spur each other on to do good, recycle what we can, use what we need and eat just enough.

How have you been conscientious regarding your carbon foodprint? Can we all consume less and recycle more? Let’s do this together! 🙂

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