Chemical Equilibrium Summary Table

Chemical Equilibrium Summary Table

The qualitative aspect of Chemical Equilibrium can be summarized into the table below.

From the table, we can see that changes in concentration, pressure and catalyst does not affect Kc/Kp. The only factor that does affect equilibrium constants is temperature. Also, we would need to know whether the forward reaction is endo or exothermic to predict the effect temperature change will have on it.

Note that increasing temperature increases both the rate of forward and backward reactions. However, the rate of the endothermic reaction will be increased more than the rate of the exothermic reaction.

If the enthalpy change for the reaction is zero, temperature will have no effect on the equilibrium. Similarly, if the reaction has the same number of moles of gaseous particles on both sides, pressure will have no effect on it.

An interesting point to note is catalysts have no effect on position of equilibrium and equilibrium constant. The only effect it has is to increase the rate of both forward and backward reactions to the same extent.

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