Catholic High School

Catholic High School

This year i am attached to Catholic High School for Olympiad training. It was a class of some 35 boys and i expected them to be quite boisterous. However, i was surprised that they appeared quite mild during the 2.5 hour lesson. Only slightly noisier when they were discussing the MCQs i gave them.

Another surprise was i realised the principal was someone i knew, what a small world!

Still getting used to teaching these boys, the lessons are quite spread out over the 4 months and i guess there wouldn’t be too much time to build rapport. Just need to do my best to ensure that they understood most of the content.

It was only after i took up the assignment that i realised that CHS is actually affiliated to EJC, so i might be seeing them again next year haha.

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Hope these boys will get some medals at the olympiad 🙂

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