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Tang Ping

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Tang Ping

Read an article about a trending movement from China/Hongkong called “Lying flat”.⁠ ⁠ Reading the articles makes me think, this is the other extreme of the FIRE 🔥 movement. But rather then working really hard and saving almost all of your take-home pay so that you can reach financial independence much earlier and retire early, Lying Flat movement simply adopts a monastic mindset.⁠ ⁠

Don’t get married 🤵🏻👰🏻, don’t have kids, don’t buy a car and don’t buy a flat. Just do the minimal work to get by. Some take it to extremes and don’t even socialize in order to save money.⁠ ⁠ The underlying (no pun intended) worldview is one of killing all desires so that you wouldn’t be used as a money-making pawn by the elites.⁠ ⁠ This mindset most likely is spawned by the country’s widening gap in income 💰 between the rich and poor. ⁠ ⁠


Hope SG will manage our equality gap so that our young will not get disenchanted and give up on life. 😔⁠ ⁠

Ref: ⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠ ⁠

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Mr Khemistry


Recently had a parent WhatsApp a thank you message to me, it was an unexpected surprise for me as the student was usually very quiet in class.

Such a simple message but it had a profound impact on me.  In this period where everyone is feeling a little drained from working/studying from home, a positive message gives great encouragement. I hope everyone will try to spread a little positivity like the #Steadylah campaign by some celebrities. It really does spread cheer and lift up the spirits of a world crippled by Covid lockdowns.

If you would like to receive such messages, why not start to send a few of these out yourself? If you like to reap an apple, first you got to plant the apple seed! 🙂

Share with me how you spread joy to the people around  you! Tag me on Facebook or Instagram, i will ping you back!

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Reflection and awareness

Mr Khemistry

Reflection and awareness

In this fast paced society, it is imperative that we take time for reflection at the end of the day.

To be aware of what is happening around us and how we are living our lives.

I once heard from Bob Procter, ” If all the good of the universe is pour over us, it wouldn’t make the slightest different UNTIL, we become AWARE of it“. Think about it, until a child becomes aware what money is and what it can buy, they wouldn’t actually be happy even if you write them a cheque for a million dollars.

Our awareness, or consciousness, of opportunities around us…needs to be awaken. Through mentors who have done it before, through reading books, through reflections.

Thinking back when i was younger, reflection isn’t a part of my routines and i didn’t really grow in awareness.

Sometimes when i look at students, there are those who reflect upon what they’ve learnt and grew in knowledge. And then there are those who keep repeating the same mistakes no matter how many times they do the same kind of questions.

Parents are understandably worried when they do not see improvements after a few months of tuition, but we would need to see how the student revise their work and if they do any form of reflection.

Reflecting on what they have done and their thought process, then seeing the answers and the thought process required. How to bridge that gap? There’s a few ways students can bridge this gap.

  1. Hard core repetition. Keep on doing prelim and tys questions. Try to remember all the different types of questions and the answers. Rote learning.
  2. Doing a few questions, analyse and try a few more questions to see if you understand the concepts.

There are countless ways which cambridge can  phrase the questions, using the rote learning method might land you a decent grade but most likely not a distinction. There are around 25-30% of questions which are novel, which means you need to think on the spot. If you can’t think using the concepts that you’ve learnt, probably wouldn’t do exceptionally well for Advanced level exams.

To see how we train students in our weekly classes, drop us an message at!

Look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

Déjà vu

Mr Khemistry

Déjà vu

We are transiting to Home-based Learning again. I told my wife that i have a feeling schools and tuition centres are going to be shut down…imminently.

As it turns out, i was right. The rise in unlinked community cases is ominous. This is a very good time to think about the trade-offs we have to take as a nation.

Some friends around me are very pissed that Government did not handle the situation well and imposing lock-down again because they made the mistake of not restricting foreigners from high risk countries (from South Asia).

Thinking a bit deeper, i find that Government is stuck in between a hard place and a rock.

Restricting workers from South Asia will lead to a crunch in the construction sector….which will impact existing work and work that has been delayed due to the previous lockdown. Read article here. It is not as simple as just continuing to work with the existing workers as some of them return home when their passes expires. Without new workers, construction activities will come to a halt and delays lead to job losses…which impacts locals holding related jobs too.

In any case, even if the government shuts down borders quickly and we managed to avoid the rise in community cases…we’d still have to eventually open up to the same countries as we need the workers. Locals are not likely to take up construction jobs overnight. The whole situation will only improve if global cases starts to drop, otherwise, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to isolate Singapore totally.

Covid has caused an uneven economic situation where certain industries are impacted much harder while some others do relatively well. This will most likely exacerbate the economic inequality and cause tensions within the society. Many people think that they are smarter and able to make better decisions than the government. In my humble opinion, not many truly appreciate the constrains we have. Trickle down effects of a hard closure of borders will only be felt after a few weeks.

I urge everyone to stand united and support each other through these trying times!

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Mr Khemistry




“If all the good in this universe were to be poured out on us, we could only receive these blessings to the extent that we are conscious of it.”


Think about it for a moment.


Sometimes we are just not at the level to receive all the blessings God has for us. It isn’t because we are not blessed, rather it’s because we are not AWARE.


Imagine this, i give my son a thousand dollars cash. He laughs and throws the dollar bill away.


Is it a good gift? Yes, he can probably buy a lot of things with it BUT he is not at the maturity where he can understand it.

Conversely, when presented with just a $1 lollipop, he is over the moon.


Sometimes we get frustrated when people don’t see what we are plainly saying. Why don’t they understand?


It’s not that they don’t want to, they can’t.


Everybody’s level of consciousness is different.


We tend to perceive the world around us through our physical senses. In reality, the world around us is so much more than what we can physically sense.


If you take a moment to think about all the inventions that has taken place over the past hundred years, it is simply mind-boggling. Many of the things we take for granted, that operates via electricity, waves, frequencies, energy…everything that we cannot see or heard. Are these things real? How did the inventors discover these powers?


Take time to raise your level of awareness, you do that by making use of the most potent wave/energy at your disposal.




Thought wave is the most potent form of energy we have that can penetrate time and space. Yet many don’t take the time to think.


Our thoughts are the only thing that sets us apart from all other life forms.


The Bible says “God created Man a little lower than angels.” Angels we know are mighty spiritual beings that carries out God’s orders.


Man is a little lower than angels. Imagine that.


What else do we know? If man can think it, nothing is impossible for him.


Most of what we want to achieve is in the material realm, more money, higher grades, bigger house, faster cars etc.


We just need to think and raise our level of awareness/consciousness.


Study your mind, learn how you, as a human being work. <— read that a few more times.


The day that you gain a higher awareness of your self, is the day that everything will change for you.


The most important study we will ever undertake is the study of our self.

Eunoia JC Open House

Mr Khemistry

Eunoia JC Open House 2020

Went for Eunoia JC open house upon my student’s invitation. One of the things which struck me is how much wood was featured in the school building. Apparently, my student say it was imported from Europe and very sturdy. The whole feel of the classrooms is like a corporate co-working space.

They brought me around the school to see some of the more outstanding features:

View from the library








View along corridor








900 seater auditorium


Elevated track and field

Elevated track and field










The canteen is a open space with a very high ceiling that opens out towards the park, i was busy eating and forgot to take a picture ><

Heard most of the toilets are also open-air but i didn’t use those.

We missed the Principal’s talk, didn’t want to stay until Chemistry talk as it was 3-4pm at the chem lab.

Meet quite a few ex-colleagues there and they weren’t even chemistry teachers haha. The two chemistry teachers i know are not around.

Before i left, had a chance to hear my student perform Erhu and Gaohu (a higher pitched Erhu), very nice tune i must say.

Hope all the students had fun touring the campus as much as i did 🙂

Eunoia students, here what you think of your new campus?

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Year End Miri Trip

Mr Khemistry

Year End Miri Trip

Felix had lots of fun at his cousin’s indoor playground. The children are 2-6 years old, literally 1 every year. Having them all in the car together is a rare event.

We visited The Nest, a new stylist cafe in a atas area of Miri. The food there was quite alright, it’s pricey in ringgit but cheap in sing dollars.

How was your year end holidays? Was it a time of reflection and planning for the new year?

Here’s wishing everyone a happy new year!

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Life skill

Mr Khemistry

Life Skill

Let me start with a little anecdote. What if i tell you i have a fully paid vacation for you and your whole family to Hawaii, for 10 days. This offer has no catch except that you must leave tomorrow morning. Would you go? I bet most of us would scramble to delegate our tasks to do for the next 10 days just so that we can go for this trip no?

And since we can do that, why don’t we increase our productivity everyday just practising this hypothetical situation? Imagine packing all you can do in 10 days into just 1 day. And do it repeatedly for the next 30 days. Just how much can you get done in this month?

The truth is, our capacity is a mental state of mind. All limitations are self-imposed. Men can do whatever we set our minds to do. Nothing that we PURPOSED to do (set a goal to achieve) will be impossible.

So why is this important for us to realize? Because it is a life skill. Students often lament the lack of time. I believe it’s more a lack of purpose, or goals. Why do some students (even adults) find it hard to get up from their beds in the morning? Always feeling lethargic and tired. Procrastinating on basically anything and everything? Distracted by social media, tv etc. Again, it is due to the lack of a big enough goal/purpose.

If we set goals that affect us emotionally, that excites us, galvanize us, would we be distracted easily? Or struggle to get out of bed? Probably not. Hence, set goals. Don’t procrastinate. Move! Take action and watch your life change. You’re welcome 🙂

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A trip back to Miri

Mr Khemistry
Me and Felix
Me and Mini-me

This picture was taken on Christmas day when Felix was down with fever. Incredibly proud of him for staying bubbly and cheerful despite the temperature. He is now at the age when he can interact meaningfully with us. Some of the things he says are really hilarious!

On a more serious note, taking care of a little human being who is totally dependent on you is a humbling experience. His needs and wants are many, more than our patience can accommodate. Thankful for family and friends who take turns to play with him.

Went back to the same restaurant we got married in Miri…

Wife and me

Wife and me

It’s not very clear in the picture, but behind us is the big screen on the little stage. Didn’t have time to retake as Felix was running wild in the restaurant. Time flies. It’s has been almost 3 years since we got married.

At the start of the year, let us reflect on the year that has passed and use our experiences to fashion a better 2019 ahead.

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Chemistry in Daily life

Mr Khemistry

Chemistry in Daily life

chemistry in daily life

infographic from

Plastics is one of the most important inventions Chemistry has made in 19th century. It is so pervasive in our lives that we seldom stop to think just how much we depend on it. Have a look around your house, how many things are made of plastics? Try going to the grocery stores or buying any food without getting a bunch of plastic bags. It is nearly impossible. This morning, my wife and i went grocery shopping, we brought along two recycle bags and one plastic bag to carry our groceries. Initially everything went well and we were able to fit it all into the three bags. As usual, we got complacent and bought some snacks after our shopping to munch on later….then guess what? 

We got a bunch of plastic bags which the food vendor used to pack our food in! The realisation that all our efforts were for naught in the end was especially jarring. To be really environmentally friendly and abstain from the use of plastic bags in our modern lives is next to impossible! Every thing comes in plastic bags, food, groceries, etc. 

Recycle bags

plastic bags  






In the face of global warming and catastrophic climate disasters, we need to persevere in  our efforts to go green. This “Chemistry in Daily life” post hopes to stir up a desire in all of us to do what we can toward a better tomorrow for our children.

We must leave earth a better place for them, as it is, we are destroying this green planet with our thoughtless actions. Let’s all spur each other on to do good, recycle what we can, use what we need and eat just enough.

How have you been conscientious regarding your carbon foodprint? Can we all consume less and recycle more? Let’s do this together! 🙂

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