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JC Chemistry Tuition in Bishan

Mr Khemistry

JC Chemistry Tuition in Bishan

We will be starting classes at Bishan this June, on Monday and Friday evenings. For a start, there will be one JC2 class and one JC1 class. Went down to the area to take a professional photoshoot and it was quite good. 

JC Chemistry Tuition in Bishan

The location of the unit is very convenient, walking distance from the interchange. Do check out our class schedule if you are interested to sign up for H2 Chemistry Tuition.

PS: We have started classes at Bishan, J1 class on monday and J2 class on friday. Please check our class listings for any updates.

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Organic Novel Questions Book

Mr Khemistry

Organic Novel Questions Book

Novel Organic Questions Book

By the time this post is published, hopefully we would have finished the proofreading and sent for printing. Distribution to the bookstores might take a month or so but i hope to make it in time for the 2019 A levels Examination. This is my second book and i hope it will cater to a different group of students. If you recall, my first book was to meet the demand from private candidates who needed practical worksheets for practice. This Organic Novel Questions Book hopes to address the needs of students who are competent doing the standard questions and want to stretch themselves. 

This doesn’t mean that average students shouldn’t buy the book. It only means they shouldn’t buy it to use as a guide book. This is like the apex of organic chemistry, students need to be familiar with the basics first. 

I already have parents and students asking when will the book be out, i can only hope soon. Hopefully students will find it a useful tool to sharpen their critical thinking. Instead of giving thousands of questions, i have chosen to select 30 of the most challenging ones. It is my belief that quality thinking is far more important than rote learning. Of course practising basic standard questions is a given but once passed that stage, students should not be looking for repetition. 

Side note on Organic Novel Questions Book

Just a note though, do not be disappointed even if you can’t do any of these questions (some of these reactions are only taught in University Level 1 modules). It is very likely none of these questions will come out in A levels! What i hope for is that it shows you how we can think about such novel questions. Obviously this thinking process is different for everyone, i’m just showing you a few ways to approach such questions. 

One last word, if you found the book useful, please recommend it to your friends! I would be most grateful 🙂

All the best for your A levels!

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2019 Mr Khemistry Chemistry A level results

Mr Khemistry

Congratulations to all students for successfully completing this challenging journey! I am glad to have been part of your A level Chemistry journey 🙂

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Our Centre’s results for 2019 A level H2 Chemistry:

53{8445fa0408f68c331c03e03f10d6a7bff33fb7168cc52e9b2191ddf5ec3671a6} – A

88{8445fa0408f68c331c03e03f10d6a7bff33fb7168cc52e9b2191ddf5ec3671a6} – A and B

100{8445fa0408f68c331c03e03f10d6a7bff33fb7168cc52e9b2191ddf5ec3671a6} pass

Very glad for those who did well. Proud of all of you who put in your best effort.

Those who didn’t do as well as expected, dust yourself off and learn from this experience. We are not patronizing you when we say this is a small setback in the grand scheme of Life, it really is.

Those who did well got a headstart but nothing is stopping you from catching up later right? Remember Life is a marathon, every day is a gift, don’t live in regret. 

All the best!!!!

By the way, if you are interested in joining us for H2 Chemistry Tuition, click on the whatsapp icon or call icon and get in touch!

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Teaching and Learning Course from Harvard :)

Mr Khemistry

Teaching and Learning

Recently completed the teaching and learning course offered by Harvard University.

Very pleased to receive the certificate 🙂Harvard Teaching and Learning Certificate


I believe that when we stop learning, we stop growing and when we stop growing, our lives starts to stagnant, or worse, atrophy. So when i saw the chance to sharpen my teaching, i jumped at it. Opportunities to upgrade my teaching strategies are hard to come by and this was a chance not to be missed.

I believe one of the main reasons why Harvard is one of the top 3 universities in the world is because it puts great emphasis on the quality of professors’ teaching.

In contrast with how many other universities operate, where teaching is more like an afterthought, far behind research and sourcing for research funding.

If the 3 local universities were to invest in a in-house institute of teaching and learning, imagine what that would do for the quality of tertiary learning…

Life-long Learning

Read a book recently titled “The 100 year life – living and working in an Age of Longevity”, it stuck me that the majority of the youths now will live to at least a hundred years old and for my generation, at least 90+. The main gist of the book is that we need to think in terms of multi-staged life instead of a typical 3 stage life (study, work, retire). For that to go well, we would need to constantly upgrade our skills, build up our relational as well as financial capital. What does it mean for students now?

It means that after your commencement from university, you really “start” on a lifelong journey of learning, not just paying lip-service to life-long learning.

In this age where change is accelerating at an unprecedented speed, we all need to step up our game.


Are you ready?









Best Bukit Timah H2 Chemistry Group Tuition

Mr Khemistry

Bukit Timah Chemistry Tuition

Best Bukit Timah H2 Chemistry Group Tuition

Calling all JC chemistry students living near bukit timah area, come join our newly opened classes for 2019! 

Check out our class schedule for the various available time slots and register early!

Get your friends to join together and there will be a special once-off discount for both referrer and referred students.

If you have 4 students from the same college, we can open a customized class for your group! 🙂

For JC 2 students looking to revise your JC 1 content, please call/SMS/Whatsapp us at 98537960 asap.

Topics listed can be tweaked according to what you have learnt in J1, in order to give you the targeted revision you need.

The pace in JC 2 is a lot more hectic compared to JC 1. Don’t wait any more, act now!


Chemistry tuition Bukit Timah

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