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Recorded Package

Mr Khemistry

Master Chemistry with Mr Khemistry’s Comprehensive Online Recorded Course

Welcome to Mr Khemistry, a premier tuition center specializing exclusively in Chemistry. With over 18 years of experience, Mr Eric Kua, also known as Mr Khemistry, has earned a reputation for his exceptional teaching methods. As the author of three A-level assessment books, Mr Khemistry is dedicated to assisting students achieve distinction in Chemistry. Today, we are excited to introduce our comprehensive online recorded course, designed to provide students with unparalleled flexibility and support.

Unparalleled Flexibility 🕒

One of the primary advantages of our online recorded course is its flexibility. With recorded lessons, students have the freedom to learn at their own pace and convenience. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, our course allows you to access the lessons whenever it suits you best. No longer will you have to juggle conflicting schedules or rush to attend physical classes. The flexibility of our recorded course ensures that you can learn Chemistry in a way that accommodates your unique learning style and commitments.

Ideal for Independent Learners 🔍

Our online recorded course is particularly suitable for independent learners. If you thrive in a self-paced learning environment and prefer to take control of your education, this course is perfect for you. By enrolling in our course, you gain the ability to delve into each topic at your own pace, revisiting challenging concepts as many times as necessary. The comprehensive nature of the course ensures that you have all the resources you need to excel in Chemistry, empowering you to take charge of your learning journey.

Unbeatable Value for $100 💰

We understand the importance of providing exceptional value to our students and their parents. For just $100 per month, you’d gain access to numerous benefits that will accelerate your Chemistry mastery. Alongside the recorded lessons, you will receive personalized support via WhatsApp, allowing you to seek clarifications and guidance directly from Mr Khemistry. Additionally, you will receive custom-made notes that condense complex topics into concise and easily understandable formats. Practise questions and quizzes, complete with detailed worked solutions, are also included to help you reinforce your understanding and excel in exams. The value you receive from our online recorded course is unmatched, providing a cost-effective solution for your Chemistry tuition needs.


Enrolling in Mr Khemistry’s comprehensive online recorded course is the best decision you’ll make for your Chemistry education. With unparalleled flexibility, tailored support, and unbeatable value, this course is suitable for independent learners, cost-conscious students or anyone who wishes to learn at their own pace. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to master Chemistry with Mr Khemistry’s expertise and guidance.

Take the first step towards excellence in Chemistry today. Visit our website at and enroll in our recorded package. Unlock your full potential and achieve distinction in Chemistry with Mr Khemistry by your side. Limited slots are available, so secure your place today!

Changes in GCE ‘A’ level Education

Mr Khemistry

Changes in GCE ‘A’ level education



    1. No more Mid-Year examinations
    2. General Paper made compulsory
    3. Project Work becomes a pass/fail subject
    4. University Admission Score will be rebased to 70 from 90

1)     Some thoughts regarding the scraping of mid-year exams – less administrative work to prepare for a major exam, more time to put back into lessons and learning. But, like what many others have already pointed out, without this major milestone check, students will be in for a rude shock when it comes to their End of Year Exams.

“The removal of mid-year examinations will not be replaced (emphasis mine) by more school-based assessments, and JCs and MI must not administer more than one weighted assessment per term, MOE said in a separate press release.”

If this is really the case, students will not have a timely feedback on their progress via exams conducted under time-constraint. There are two things that might happen, one is schools will give more assessments but will not call them ‘weighed assessments’, the second is that students and parents might turn to tuition centres to conduct the assessments instead.

The elephant in the room is still the way students are graded at the GCE ‘A’ level exams, as long as the format of the exam doesn’t change, the way the students/parents prepare for it wouldn’t change much.

2)    GP is taken by the vast majority of students anyway, only 100 students took KI as an alternative in 2022, so this change isn’t that significant.

3)    Making PW a pass/fail subject is a de-emphasis on the subject. The most likely effect this will have is that students will spend much lesser time and focus on their content subjects which contribute to University Admission Score. I personally feel that this is a good move as i see the J1 students spend a disproportionate amount of time researching and on meetings.

4)    The fourth content subject and MTL would only count towards the UAS if it scores better compared to GP. A likely outcome for students who are very poor in language will bank on the fourth content subject to replace GP in their UAS.

On the other hand, students who are strong in either GP or MTL might not need to put so much effort for their fourth content subject. Most arts stream student tend to struggle with the contrasting H1 science subject so it will be good for them to leave it out of their UAS. However, the best bet for science students struggling with contrasting H1 arts subject may simply be to focus on GP.

In any case, having two less subjects contributing to UAS is a good step towards relieving the workload for our ‘A’ level students.

What do you think? 🙂

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Transition Element (Common Last Topic)

Mr Khemistry


Minister Chan just announced on 27th July 2021 that the common last topic will be taken out of the A levels examinations this November.

For those of us who already did the topics, it seemed like time was wasted to teach this topic. But the good thing is students will have less to revise this year.

Rightfully so as the multiple disruptions due to tightening/loosening covid measures surely affected the students’ ability to focus.

With the time now freed up from revising transition elements, we can now focus on the topics that are left.

Focus on the Theme: Creative Writing for PSLE Excellence

For those of you who have not done up a revision schedule, now is the best time to plan it.

IMHO, A levels is not something you can decide to pia overnight and score a distinction for it. Far from it.

Unless you consistently revise and put in the effort to practise, it is almost guaranteed that you will not get a quality grade. (A or B)

Such is the rigour of this national examination.


If you need a crash course or intensive revision classes, feel free to drop me a whatsapp @ 83322534.

Will see what i can do to help! Gambatte!


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Student portal

Mr Khemistry Student Portal

Hi all,

this CB period has been a trying time for all of us, but with more time spent at home, we need to put it to good use.

I have set-up a student portal to help students learn and access H2 Chemistry materials at their own pace.

Inside the portal, there are notes, summaries, practice questions, challenging topical revision papers, video explanations, tys video explanation etc

If you are a J2 student, do sign up to get free access to the TYS MCQ video explanation! Offer is valid from now until end of June 2020.

If you are a J1 student, do sign up to get free access to Moles and Redox course! Offer is valid from now until end of June 2020.

CB may have thrown a spanner into our daily routines but we are adaptable humans.

Let’s make the best use of the time we have!


Mr Khemistry

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Classes start at Hougang Central

Mr Khemistry

Hi all,

Mr Khemistry has collaborated with The Classroom to offer to you Chemistry Classes from Sec 3 to JC 2!

Collaboration Logo

Jeremy Neo and Eric Kua










Classes for JC 1 has started on tuesday and JC 2 has started on wednesday.

For details of Secondary classes, please click on

For JC schedule, please click on

Watch this space for more updates!

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Catholic High School

Mr Khemistry

Catholic High School

This year i am attached to Catholic High School for Olympiad training. It was a class of some 35 boys and i expected them to be quite boisterous. However, i was surprised that they appeared quite mild during the 2.5 hour lesson. Only slightly noisier when they were discussing the MCQs i gave them.

Another surprise was i realised the principal was someone i knew, what a small world!

Still getting used to teaching these boys, the lessons are quite spread out over the 4 months and i guess there wouldn’t be too much time to build rapport. Just need to do my best to ensure that they understood most of the content.

It was only after i took up the assignment that i realised that CHS is actually affiliated to EJC, so i might be seeing them again next year haha.

Image may contain: 10 people, people smiling, people sitting

Hope these boys will get some medals at the olympiad 🙂

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2020 Class Schedule

Mr Khemistry

2020 Class Schedule

2020 Class Schedule: Our chemistry tuition class schedule for the new year is up 🙂

JC 2 students: Do you struggle with Chemistry in JC 1 or feel that you have not fully grasped all the important foundation concepts? Did poorly for your Promos and want to start scoring As and Bs for your tests?

JC 1 students: Realised that you don’t understand Chemical Bonding, Thermochemistry and Reaction Kinetics? Can’t do gases calculations or don’t understand chemical equilibrium questions? How to tell if a reaction is a redox reaction?

The fact is, a lot more is demanded from JC students but not many students adapted quickly enough.

The jump in content required from O level Pure Chemistry to A level H2 Chemistry is a big one, quite easily 2~3 times! And if you are already struggling to master the content in JC 1, the lecture pace in JC 2 will be 50% faster.

If you realised that you need help, reach out to us and let us help you! If you don’t understand the basic concepts fundamentally, reading the notes over and over again seldom helps. Time is of essence in JC, don’t waste any more time!

Image result for he who do the same thing and expect different results quote

Start the year right by taking action to change your grade! For early sign-ups for both J1 and J2, we will waive the registration and material fees 🙂

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Merry Christmas!

Mr Khemistry

Merry Christmas!

Dear all, it’s the time of the year to be jolly! 3 more days to Christmas day and 10 more days to the new year 🙂

Better brace yourselves for some hindsight 2020 jokes and memes haha!

Mr Khemistry would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We will see you again in 2020!

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JC Chemistry Tuition in Bishan

Mr Khemistry

JC Chemistry Tuition in Bishan

We will be starting classes at Bishan this June, on Monday and Friday evenings. For a start, there will be one JC2 class and one JC1 class. Went down to the area to take a professional photoshoot and it was quite good. 

JC Chemistry Tuition in Bishan

Our tuition centre is located within walking distance from the Bishan bus interchange. Do check out our class schedule if you are interested to sign up for H2 Chemistry Tuition.

PS: We have started classes at Bishan, with J1 classes every Monday and J2 classes every Friday. Check our class listings to keep up with updates to the class schedule!

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Organic Novel Questions Book

Mr Khemistry

Organic Novel Questions Book

Novel Organic Questions Book

By the time this post is published, hopefully we would have finished the proofreading and sent for printing. Distribution to the bookstores might take a month or so but i hope to make it in time for the 2019 A levels Examination. This is my second book and i hope it will cater to a different group of students. If you recall, my first book was to meet the demand from private candidates who needed practical worksheets for practice. This Organic Novel Questions Book hopes to address the needs of students who are competent doing the standard questions and want to stretch themselves. 

This doesn’t mean that average students shouldn’t buy the book. It only means they shouldn’t buy it to use as a guide book. This is like the apex of organic chemistry, students need to be familiar with the basics first. 

I already have parents and students asking when will the book be out, i can only hope soon. Hopefully students will find it a useful tool to sharpen their critical thinking. Instead of giving thousands of questions, i have chosen to select 30 of the most challenging ones. It is my belief that quality thinking is far more important than rote learning. Of course practising basic standard questions is a given but once passed that stage, students should not be looking for repetition. 

Side note on Organic Novel Questions Book

Just a note though, do not be disappointed even if you can’t do any of these questions (some of these reactions are only taught in University Level 1 modules). It is very likely none of these questions will come out in A levels! What i hope for is that it shows you how we can think about such novel questions. Obviously this thinking process is different for everyone, i’m just showing you a few ways to approach such questions. 

One last word, if you found the book useful, please recommend it to your friends! I would be most grateful 🙂

All the best for your A levels!

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