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2019 Mr Khemistry Chemistry A level results

Congratulations to all students for successfully completing this challenging journey! I am glad to have been part of your A level Chemistry journey 🙂                 Our Centre’s results for 2019 A level H2 Chemistry: 53% – A 88% – A and B 100% pass Very glad for those […]

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Teaching and Learning Course from Harvard :)

Teaching and Learning Recently completed the teaching and learning course offered by Harvard University. Very pleased to receive the certificate 🙂   I believe that when we stop learning, we stop growing and when we stop growing, our lives starts to stagnant, or worse, atrophy. So when i saw the chance to sharpen my teaching, i […]

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Best Bukit Timah H2 Chemistry Group Tuition

Bukit Timah Chemistry Tuition Best Bukit Timah H2 Chemistry Group Tuition Calling all JC chemistry students living near bukit timah area, come join our newly opened classes for 2019!  Check out our class schedule for the various available time slots and register early! Get your friends to join together and there will be a special once-off […]

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