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Chemistry Tuition by Mr Eric Kua

Mr Khemistry

Chemistry Tuition by Mr Khemistry

Looking for a good, reliable Chemistry Tuition? We understand there are many centers that offers Chemistry Tuition nowadays and it’s difficult to tell which ones are worth your time. Here we compile a list of reasons why Mr Khemistry is the Chemistry Tuition you are looking for.

  1. We are Qualified. Our Principal Tutor, Mr Eric Kua, graduated from NUS with a Degree majoring in Chemistry. He has taught in a JC for more than 8 years. For his full academic and teaching qualifications, click here.
  2. We are Experienced. All our tutors have over 10 years of experience tutoring students in Chemistry, Mr Eric Kua has more than 13 years of experience in Chemistry tuition.
  3. We are Committed. Our goal is the same as yours, to unlock the potential that is in every student. We offer unlimited consultations via whatsapp and revision crash courses during holiday period to bring every student up to speed.
  4. We are Specialists. Our focus on Chemistry allows us to hone our pedagogy in this subject to a much greater depth. Think about why we visit specialists in hospitals. Yup.
  5.  We are Accessible. Our locations are conveniently located within walking distance from MRT stations (Beauty World and Bishan).


After many years of tutoring students from different ability levels, there is some common characteristics of students who are likely to benefit from attending group lessons with us. Here are some for your consideration.

  • They are consistent. They do not skip lessons to attend birthday parties. If they have important appointments that clashes, they will endeavor to go to another class for make-up lesson.
  • They are willing to put in effort after lesson to revise their work. We give additional practise for the students, those who improve dramatically are usually the ones who take the time to attempt these extra practise and consult the tutor when they are unsure.
  • They do not attend more than two tuition every week. Attending more than two tuition lessons every week saps their energy and takes away revision time. More likely they are using it as a clutch rather than a real need.
  • They reflect and THINK about what are the main concepts after lessons. Students who simply take everything at face value without thinking, memorizing their notes, are unlikely to excel in Chemistry at A levels. A simple test would be to look at their summarized notes, a student who has thought through would organize his/her notes quite differently from one who merely copy and paste from lecture notes.

Remember, it takes two hands to clap. You can engage the best Chemistry tutor but if you do not do your part, the results are unlikely to change. We will provide concise illustrated notes with clear teaching, putting the best resources at your disposal, what you do with it will determine the outcome.

A level Forum Talk @ Popular Bookfest 2017

Mr Khemistry

A level Forum Talk

Took part in the A level Forum Talk at the recently concluded Popular Bookfest. Quite an experience speaking at such a huge venue.

Mr Eric Kua speaking at Popular bookfest 2017

Group photo at the end of the talk

Subjects represented included Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics and GP. Looking forward to more talks, especially for those who have just finished O levels.

For more photos from the event, click here


Popular Bookfest 20th Dec 2017 @ Suntec

Mr Khemistry

Popular Bookfest

Dear friends, I will be speaking at the A level forum on “How to do well for A level Chemistry” during the Popular Bookfest 2017 from 6-730pm.

Do drop by and say hi if you’re in the area this wednesday 🙂 Better still, help me share this to your friends who have just taken their O levels or JC 1 promos. 

Here are the speakers for the forum: 

Speakers for popular bookfest

Have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🙂








Glass Door Sticker

Mr Khemistry

Glass Door Sticker

Spent hours designing this glass door sticker, which is worth the effort as there are a few enquiries from parents who happened to walk past the centre.

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