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How to improve in JC H2 Chem – Part 1

How to improve JC H2 Chem Many parents often ask me, “How to improve his/her JC H2 Chem?” This question is usually asked by frustrated/hapless parents. Typical scenario is that the student has studied hard but doesn’t seem to make any improvement. To which a slight probe will most likely reveal that the method of studying […]

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How to solve common redox questions

Redox Qn: Sulfur dioxide causes a colour change in acidified potassium dichromate. Given that the potassium dichromate and sulfur dioxide are present in the reacting ratio of 1:3, suggest a likely sulfur−containing product for the reaction. This is considered quite a common redox question.  Firstly, what do you need to know? And how to apply […]

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How do organic compounds achieve stability?

Important Concept for Organic Chemistry Organic Chemistry Two main ways organic compounds achieve stability: Resonance         Electrons are delocalized to form different resonance structures, which lowers the energy level of the organic compound. This contributes to stability. Dispersion of charge Carbocation is electron deficient while R groups are electron-donating. Thus the more […]

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A level Forum Talk @ Popular Bookfest 2017

A level Forum Talk Took part in the A level Forum Talk at the recently concluded Popular Bookfest. Quite an experience speaking at such a huge venue. Subjects represented included Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics and GP. Looking forward to more talks, especially for those who have just finished O levels. For more photos from […]

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Job Hazard of a Tuition Teacher

Tuition Teacher Job Hazards I never expected to find that the transition from a teacher in school to a private tuition teacher would be a significant one but i was wrong. If you are a teacher thinking about making the switch to a full-time tutor, do consider these issues before you take the plunge. First […]

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Popular Bookfest 20th Dec 2017 @ Suntec

Popular Bookfest Dear friends, I will be speaking at the A level forum on “How to do well for A level Chemistry” during the Popular Bookfest 2017 from 6-730pm. Do drop by and say hi if you’re in the area this wednesday 🙂 Better still, help me share this to your friends who have just taken […]

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Tuition and Chemistry Crash Course

Frequently asked questions Q: When is it too late to go for chemistry tuition? A: There’s no deadline that says it’s too late to go for tuition. However, a good gauge would be to look at your test scores. If you consistently failed your tests and give yourself excuses, the time will come when you […]

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H2 Chemistry Tuition

H2 Chemistry Tuition Q: Why isn’t there group tuition for H1 Chemistry like for H2 Chemistry Tuition? A: Because there isn’t enough demand to form a group, so usually we try to give 1-on-1 private tuition. However, if you are able to bring along 2 more friends, we will open up a new slot for […]

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Best Bukit Timah H2 Chemistry Group Tuition

Bukit Timah Chemistry Tuition Best Bukit Timah H2 Chemistry Group Tuition Calling all JC chemistry students living near bukit timah area, come join our newly opened classes for 2018! Check out our class schedule and register early! Get your friends to join together and there will be a special once-off discount for both referrer and […]

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