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VSEPR theory – main concept

Understanding the underlying concept This week as i was teaching chemical bonding to my student, i realised that she was struggling to learn VSEPR.  I asked her why did she find it difficult and her reply was it was hard to remember all the basic shapes and bond angles. And we haven’t even got to […]

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IP Chem tuition and Lifelong Learning

Public Service Announcement – Parking App (for carparks with no electronic gantry eliminates use of coupons) Met with a copier company salesperson last month after my IP chem tuition. They proposed to takeover my existing contract and provide me with a new copier.  So met their salesperson but their pricing wasn’t really competitive plus there […]

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Chemistry in Daily life

Chemistry in Daily life Plastics is one of the most important inventions Chemistry has made in 19th century. It is so pervasive in our lives that we seldom stop to think just how much we depend on it. Have a look around your house, how many things are made of plastics? Try going to the […]

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Best JC Chemistry Teacher

The best JC chemistry teacher This is a continuation of a series of posts to remind myself of good teaching strategies that i can use to engage and hold students’ interest. This second idea from the book “Made to Stick” by Chip and Dan Heath talks about the curiosity gap, a gap which happens when […]

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JC Chemistry Tutor – Keeping Teaching Simple

JC Chemistry Tutor – Keeping Teaching Simple As a teacher who teaches chemistry at advanced level, it isn’t easy to simplify core chemistry ideas and deliver it to students with a lasting impact. With the advent of information technology, we are constantly seduced by the “bells and whistles”. Things which grabs students’ attention momentarily but […]

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Graduating classes 2018

Mr Khemistry – A level Chemistry tutor This year, we have a lot more students graduating from Mr Khemistry’s H2 JC chemistry tuition classes.               As more students come to us, hopefully the quality of teaching will become even better. We would like to wish all students who passed through […]

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Exam Reduction

Exam Reduction In a recent article on exam reduction, […he (Mr Ong YK) also strongly urged tuition centres not to simulate “examination-like conditions” for students to make up for the lost examinations, noting that there are a few who have said they will do so. “Doing so would just be preying on the apprehension and anxieties […]

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Teaching and Learning Course from Harvard :)

Teaching and Learning Recently completed the teaching and learning course offered by Harvard University. Very pleased to receive the certificate 🙂   I believe that when we stop learning, we stop growing and when we stop growing, our lives starts to stagnant, or worse, atrophy. So when i saw the chance to sharpen my teaching, i […]

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Teacher’s Day

Last week was teacher’s day and i’m thankful for all my students who wrote me a card and gave food. This past month has been really busy and i anticipate it to continue on for probably another 6 weeks. By the time November rolls around, i would probably be very free. Which is great, because […]

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