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Book published!

H2 Chemistry Practical Guide book   This is one item on my bucket list i thought wouldn’t be fulfilled so soon. Hopefully this book will be of help to private candidates as they prepare for their practical paper. Current students might also like to get a copy to get more practices of the various topics. […]

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Meta Learning

Meta Learning I’ve recently completed my reading challenge for 2018, twelve book, in four months and a week. Realised that i’ve set too low a bar for myself. Walked right over it. Will be doubling the number of books to read for the rest of the year. Reading and learning are intricately linked, but reading […]

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A visit to National Junior College

Went for the choir performance at National JC last month. I must say i felt very proud of my student as she’s one of the four lead singers during the combined choir. Here’s a picture of her in action:   Choir performances always gives me the goosebumps…not in the bad sense. There’s something deeply moving […]

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Start-up phase It has been about one year since we started Mr Khemistry. Looking back in this 12 months, there’s plenty to give thanks for. Friends who have been there, done that. Thanks Irwin, for your encouragement, advice and all those chairs. Irwin runs a renowned GP tuition centre, Irwin’s Study at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. […]

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Advice for private A level candidates

Private Candidates Hi there, are you a private candidate looking to re-take the A levels?  If so, have you thought about the reason why you didn’t do well last year or the year before? Whenever i see a private candidate re-taking the A levels, i would ask them if they’re aware that the odds are […]

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Group vs Private Tuition

Group vs Private Tuition No matter whether you’re a student or parent looking for tuition for your child, this question undoubtedly popped into your mind. So what are the pros and cons of each and which is more suitable for you? Read on to find out… Group  Follows a set topic schedule. Limited interaction during […]

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Organic Chemistry – Isomerism

Isomerism Isomerism – What is the difference between a meso compound and a racemic mixture? A closer look at the terms would already give you a hint.  A racemic mixture is not chemically bonded together hence we are able to separate the two equal portion (50/50) enantiomers. If we then pass plane-polarized light through just […]

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How to improve in Chemistry?

How to improve in Chemistry? Recently i have been reading some personal development books and one of the ideas that came up was how to improve in any area of your life…quite instantly. It takes at most 3 weeks to see significant changes. Ready for the (almost magical) idea?  No, it’s not something new. It’s […]

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Branches of Chemistry at Advanced Level

Branches of Chemistry In Physical Chemistry, we mostly encounter formulas and calculations. There is theory but the main applications involves calculations and numerical answers. The most important thing we need to do is to practise. This is similar to Mathematics where you basically have to use the formulas to do calculations for different questions until […]

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Happy Belated Lunar New Year!

Over the CNY, my family took our maiden flight together back to Sarawak, Miri, to visit my in-laws. CNY visitation @ MiriThank God for good advice on how to distract little Felix with munchies as the plane ascends. I had been dreading the flight with this feisty little ball of energy after hearing all the […]

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