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Recently i had a chat with one of my top students, she said something which surprised me. "Chemistry is really simple. Especially Organic. Just need to remember the reagents and conditions, or the standard long explanations." I was intrigued. Every couple of years, i get one of these students who actually enjoys studying chemistry specifically. Probing deeper, i asked, "Why Chemistry? How about Math? Or Bio?" "Math is not as straightforward as before, Bio is a LOT of memory work. Chemistry is more straightforward, i enjoy doing organic chem questions" "When did you start to like studying Chemistry?" "I used to fail Chemistry, until i attended Jeremy's tuition lessons. (Jeremy's my partner for O level Chemistry) He taught me how ...
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Student portal
Mr Khemistry Student Portal Hi all, this CB period has been a trying time for all of us, but with more time spent at home, we need to put it to good use. I have set-up a student portal to help students learn and access H2 Chemistry materials at their own pace. Inside the portal, there are notes, summaries, practice questions, challenging topical revision papers, video explanations, tys video explanation etc If you are a J2 student, do sign up to get free access to the TYS MCQ video explanation! Offer is valid from now until end of June 2020. If you are a J1 student, do sign up to get free access to Moles and Redox course! Offer is ...
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Online Tuition – The Next Paradigm Shift
Online Tuition Online Tuition, the next major paradigm shift. Every tuition, whether private or centre, has to adapt to this new paradigm. Even the students. Every student or parent or centre or teacher who does not embrace this shift will be left behind. People who cling on to the old ways of giving tuition will be left behind. Now i got to give a disclaimer, i'm no prophet. Tried giving online lessons 2 years ago but students were not keen. So i dropped the idea. Now this idea is forcibly pushed upon us so nobody has a choice. Students who think they are very smart and simply login, mark their attendance (for school lessons) and then go to bed will ...
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Circuit Breaker
Circuit Breaker We are in an unprecedented time. World-wide, many countries have locked down. Many of us have to stay at home but some have yet to adapt to this lifestyle. Let's take a look at some of the things we can do during this Circuit Breaker period so that we come out better. Read a book. This is the time to get down to reading a book. Reading gives us insights from other people's experiences, remember all leaders are readers. Pick up a new skill. I mean those skills you can learn online. Udemy is a great website that teaches everything from marketing to building a website. Call someone and find out how they have been. Reconnect with friends ...
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Hybridization It is one of the most mysterious concept to the JC chemistry students. This is a concept that is mainly for carbon atom. Some colleges teach it under chemical bonding, others teach it during introduction to organic chemistry. No matter where it's taught, it would be good if you understand what is the main idea here. Main Gist Hybridization is simply mixing of atomic orbitals, notably the s and p orbitals for carbon. 1 s + 1 p = two sp hybrid orbitals     => shape: linear (180 bond angle) 1 s + 2 p = three sp^2 hybrid orbitals   => shape: trigonal planar (120 bond angle) 1 s + 3 p = four sp^3 hybrid orbitals   => ...
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Consciousness  "If all the good in this universe were to be poured out on us, we could only receive these blessings to the extent that we are conscious of it." Think about it for a moment. Sometimes we are just not at the level to receive all the blessings God has for us. It isn't because we are not blessed, rather it's because we are not AWARE. Imagine this, i give my son a thousand dollars cash. He laughs and throws the dollar bill away. Is it a good gift? Yes, he can probably buy a lot of things with it BUT he is not at the maturity where he can understand it. Conversely, when presented with just a $1 ...
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Instagram and mrkhemistry
Instagram @mrkhemistry Welcome to the world of #filters and #hashtags! Just starting to use it again after many years. Amazed at what filters can do now. Amazed at how much it has evolved over the years. It's a lot "cooler" to be on the Gram than on FB. Our official instagram account has one goal: To reach out to as many H2 Chemistry students as possible,  to give them great quality chemistry resources to aid their learning. We are posting concise topical summaries, concept maps for various organic functional groups, funny chemistry memes and even inspirational quotes Hope to make learning chemistry fun again. #chemisfun If you are on Instagram, follow us @mrkhemistry! Back to Singapore's Best Chemistry Tuition ps: ...
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Classes start at Hougang Central
Hi all, Mr Khemistry has collaborated with The Classroom to offer to you Chemistry Classes from Sec 3 to JC 2! Classes for JC 1 has started on tuesday and JC 2 has started on wednesday. For details of Secondary classes, please click on For JC schedule, please click on Watch this space for more updates! Back to home of Top Chemistry Tuition ...
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