Best Bukit Timah H2 Chemistry Group Tuition

Bukit Timah Chemistry Tuition

Best Bukit Timah H2 Chemistry Group Tuition

Calling all JC chemistry students living near bukit timah area, come join our newly opened classes for 2019! 

Check out our class schedule for the various available time slots and register early!

Get your friends to join together and there will be a special once-off discount for both referrer and referred students.

If you have 4 students from the same college, we can open a customized class for your group! 🙂

For JC 2 students looking to revise your JC 1 content, please call/SMS/Whatsapp us at 98537960 asap.

Topics listed can be tweaked according to what you have learnt in J1, in order to give you the targeted revision you need.

The pace in JC 2 is a lot more hectic compared to JC 1. Don’t wait any more, act now!


Chemistry tuition Bukit Timah


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