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Online Tuition – The Next Paradigm Shift

Mr Khemistry

Online Tuition

Online Tuition, the next major paradigm shift. Every tuition, whether private or centre, has to adapt to this new paradigm. Even the students.

Every student or parent or centre or teacher who does not embrace this shift will be left behind.

People who cling on to the old ways of giving tuition will be left behind.

Now i got to give a disclaimer, i’m no prophet. Tried giving online lessons 2 years ago but students were not keen. So i dropped the idea. Now this idea is forcibly pushed upon us so nobody has a choice.

Students who think they are very smart and simply login, mark their attendance (for school lessons) and then go to bed will reap the consequences at the end of the year.

Some students who can’t study on their own and need tuition, still do not want to transit to online lessons will be in for a rude shock as the more open-minded ones adapt to the new paradigm.

Parents distrust having tuition lessons online because they think students cannot absorb as well. My personal opinion is that even if the student takes in 50%, that’s still better than zero.

Tutors who do not transit to online lessons, who simply record their lessons, will probably lose their students. Or worse, pausing lessons until circuit breaker is over. Nobody knows when this will be over. Even after CB lifts, tuition might not be the first to resume business as usual.

As of now, we need to wait til June to have any chance of resuming tuition.

People’s habits will change. In this case, this will be a game-changer.

Circuit Breaker

Mr Khemistry

Circuit Breaker

We are in an unprecedented time. World-wide, many countries have locked down.

Many of us have to stay at home but some have yet to adapt to this lifestyle.

Let’s take a look at some of the things we can do during this Circuit Breaker period so that we come out better.

  1. Read a book. This is the time to get down to reading a book. Reading gives us insights from other people’s experiences, remember all leaders are readers.
  2. Pick up a new skill. I mean those skills you can learn online. Udemy is a great website that teaches everything from marketing to building a website.
  3. Call someone and find out how they have been. Reconnect with friends you have lost contact with.
  4. Spend time with loved ones. We spend some much time at home now but if we are not intentional about it, it could well be time wasted! Take pictures, videos, these will become precious memories in time to come.
  5. Exercise! This is one of the few reasons you can leave your home for. Get fit. Emerge stronger.

I’m not going to list watching tv and browsing social media because these do not necessarily add value to us.

So there you have it, do upgrade yourself during this period!

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It is one of the most mysterious concept to the JC chemistry students. This is a concept that is mainly for carbon atom.

Some colleges teach it under chemical bonding, others teach it during introduction to organic chemistry.

No matter where it’s taught, it would be good if you understand what is the main idea here.

Main Gist

Hybridization is simply mixing of atomic orbitals, notably the s and p orbitals for carbon.

1 s + 1 p = two sp hybrid orbitals     => shape: linear (180 bond angle)

1 s + 2 p = three sp^2 hybrid orbitals   => shape: trigonal planar (120 bond angle)

1 s + 3 p = four sp^3 hybrid orbitals   => shape: tetrahedral   (109.5 bond angle)

So there you go, the above is the most important information you’d need.

Do share it with your friends if you found it useful! 🙂


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Mr Khemistry




“If all the good in this universe were to be poured out on us, we could only receive these blessings to the extent that we are conscious of it.”


Think about it for a moment.


Sometimes we are just not at the level to receive all the blessings God has for us. It isn’t because we are not blessed, rather it’s because we are not AWARE.


Imagine this, i give my son a thousand dollars cash. He laughs and throws the dollar bill away.


Is it a good gift? Yes, he can probably buy a lot of things with it BUT he is not at the maturity where he can understand it.

Conversely, when presented with just a $1 lollipop, he is over the moon.


Sometimes we get frustrated when people don’t see what we are plainly saying. Why don’t they understand?


It’s not that they don’t want to, they can’t.


Everybody’s level of consciousness is different.


We tend to perceive the world around us through our physical senses. In reality, the world around us is so much more than what we can physically sense.


If you take a moment to think about all the inventions that has taken place over the past hundred years, it is simply mind-boggling. Many of the things we take for granted, that operates via electricity, waves, frequencies, energy…everything that we cannot see or heard. Are these things real? How did the inventors discover these powers?


Take time to raise your level of awareness, you do that by making use of the most potent wave/energy at your disposal.




Thought wave is the most potent form of energy we have that can penetrate time and space. Yet many don’t take the time to think.


Our thoughts are the only thing that sets us apart from all other life forms.


The Bible says “God created Man a little lower than angels.” Angels we know are mighty spiritual beings that carries out God’s orders.


Man is a little lower than angels. Imagine that.


What else do we know? If man can think it, nothing is impossible for him.


Most of what we want to achieve is in the material realm, more money, higher grades, bigger house, faster cars etc.


We just need to think and raise our level of awareness/consciousness.


Study your mind, learn how you, as a human being work. <— read that a few more times.


The day that you gain a higher awareness of your self, is the day that everything will change for you.


The most important study we will ever undertake is the study of our self.

Instagram and mrkhemistry

Mr Khemistry

Instagram @mrkhemistry

Welcome to the world of #filters and #hashtags!

Image result for instagram filters

Just starting to use it again after many years. Amazed at what filters can do now.

Amazed at how much it has evolved over the years.

It’s a lot “cooler” to be on the Gram than on FB.

Our official instagram account has one goal: To reach out to as many H2 Chemistry students as possible, 
to give them great quality chemistry resources to aid their learning.

We are posting concise topical summaries, concept maps for various organic functional groups,
funny chemistry memes and even inspirational quotes

Hope to make learning chemistry fun again. #chemisfun

If you are on Instagram, follow us @mrkhemistry!

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ps: check out chem.made.easy for secondary chemistry tuition!

Classes start at Hougang Central

Mr Khemistry

Hi all,

Mr Khemistry has collaborated with The Classroom to offer to you Chemistry Classes from Sec 3 to JC 2!

Collaboration Logo

Jeremy Neo and Eric Kua










Classes for JC 1 has started on tuesday and JC 2 has started on wednesday.

For details of Secondary classes, please click on

For JC schedule, please click on

Watch this space for more updates!

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Teaching helps us learn

Mr Khemistry

Teaching helps us learn

Teaching helps us learn

pyramid of retention

Teaching helps us learn!

Read this from a website

Looking at text and expecting to learn is not far off from looking at food and expecting to get its nutrients. We need to digest our life experiences just like we digest our food.”

This made perfect sense. I have been telling my students the best way to remember the information is to TEACH others.

Because i’ve applied this knowledge umpteen times, i know it works!

If you haven’t been sharing your knowledge, start today!

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JC students profile

Mr Khemistry

JC Students batch profile

JC Students – Every batch has their unique profile. For example, 2020 batch are significantly more enthusiastic and open to new ideas/concepts.

Every teacher knows that teaching an enthusiastic class rubs off positively on our own energy. We feel the positive vibrations from the students and that in turns injects energy into our teaching. When you know that students are interested and learning well, something inside you fires up 🙂

Hope this will be a virtuous cycle for 2020 and 2021, that everyone is excited to learn new things and grow.

How has your 2020 been shaping up?

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Time – Our Most Precious Commodity

Mr Khemistry


This post is dedicated to all JC 2 students and to my ex-principal.

Time – CNY is now over, JC 1 orientation is over, March Block Test is just around the corner. One of the traits of successful people is they plan ahead, way ahead. Today, we want to look ahead to the rest of the year to see if we are on the right track, specifically whether we have enough time.

During term time we are learning new content and doing tutorials. However, during the ‘A’ division competition period from Mar-May, sometimes CCA trainings are so intense, there’s even no time to do tutorials!

Major school holidays, March/June/Sept. Total of 6 weeks.

Assuming you study Chemistry everyday for 12 hrs.

Assuming you know all the key concepts to study.

ASSUMING you use effective study strategies to remember all the key concepts.

Let’s look at how it works out for H2 Chemistry syllabus…

Total topics in H2 Chemistry —–> 23

Time required to revise —–> 2 x 23 = 46 h (2 hours per topic)

Time required to practise basic questions and review —–> 4 x 23 = 92 h

Time trial 5 years of past A level papers and mark —–> (5 + 5) x 5 = 50 h (P1-3, mark, 5 tys) minimum practise

Total time required for Chemistry = 46 + 92 + 50 = 188 h (for ONE H2 subject)

Total time from school holidays: 42 days x 12 h = 504 h (assuming you study 12h EVERYDAY)

3 H2 subjects requires approximately 564 h. (just multiply 188 by 4 if you take 4H2)

We are also assuming we do not spend time studying for General Paper. That’s quite a lot of assumptions isn’t it?

The truth is this: Even after mugging like crazy during school holidays, how do you think this level of preparation (not doing challenging prelim questions) compares with other students with tuition?

What you can expect from Chemistry Tuition at Mr Khemistry:

  1. We teach you the key points for every topic and provide you with concise notes. No frills. Just the important stuff.
  2. We give mini-quizzes at the end of every topic to assess your learning.
  3. Revision questions are given to help you consolidate key learning concepts.
  4. Booster classes given every 3 months for common topics students are weak in.
  5. Whatsapp consultation support.

If you are interested to join us, hesitate no more! Come down for a free trial session to see truly enlightening Chemistry lessons 🙂

Click on the call button at the top of the page or the whatsapp icon below to get in touch.

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Dettol disinfectant spray

Mr Khemistry

Dettol disinfectant spray

dettol disinfectant spray

Dettol disinfectant spray – Can it kill the novel corona virus?

Kekulé, skeletal formula of chloroxylenol Chloroxylenol, also known as para-chloro-meta-xylenol (PCMX), is an antiseptic and disinfectant which is used for skin disinfection and cleaning surgical instruments. It is also used within a number of household disinfectants and wound cleaners. It is sold in a number of formulations and under a number of brand names including Dettol. (Source: Wikipedia)

Dettol’s company RB, has clarified that it does not have access to this new corona virus and therefore have not done testing on it before. So that is no evidence that it can kill the virus. It can probably kill flu virus which has been tested before.

But this doesn’t stop us from spraying it over common areas, cutting down the amount of germs in our common spaces will do us good in this period. I wish we will all become more socially responsible to wear face masks when we are sick. Of course it feels uncomfortable and older folks probably despise wearing it but it is the way to go.

Singapore is becoming more and more densely populated and we can all do better by increasing our level of personal hygiene. Don’t you agree? 🙂

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