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Job Hazard of a Tuition Teacher

Mr Khemistry

Tuition Teacher Job Hazards

I never expected to find that the transition from a teacher in school to a private tuition teacher would be a significant one but i was wrong.

If you are a teacher thinking about making the switch to a full-time tutor, do consider these issues before you take the plunge.

First up is the financial aspect.

An average teacher earns around $70-$100k annually, depending on their grade and education level. This works out to be $5800 – $8300 per month, which is way above the median salary for Singapore. That’s if the teacher didn’t take up a couple of private tuitions. If they do take up perhaps one private tuition, their monthly salary would likely to be at least around $7k. This is a pretty stable income and may i add, quite a decent one.  On the other hand, income for tuition teachers are quite seasonal and obviously not guaranteed. For private tutors (not tuition centres owner), the rough estimate is around 60+k a year. 

Second is the social aspect.

I had a lot of fri-leagues (friends cum colleagues) in my previous workplace which makes the workload much more bearable. Of course being in the JC level, most of our work is communal and we could easily discuss it as a group/level.  Thanks to my friends who had been working as private tutors, i already knew this would be an issue. Fortunately for me, i have a group of friends who are also operating tuition centres so we were able to discuss common topics like marketing etc.

Third and surprisingly was the health aspect

…which is the impetus for this post. I have just came back from a visit to the ENT specialist. Recently i had trouble projecting my voice in class and was worried that it would be something bad. Realised that it is a case of acid reflux.

Why did it not happen for the 10+ years when i was teaching in school?

Simple answer is that i had quite regular mealtimes and did not take supper during school term as i slept early. So when i transited to tuition full-time, my mealtimes became irregular and i started eating heavy suppers after the evening lessons. This caused the acid reflux which affected my vocal cords. If you have this problem too, take note of the dietary requirements.

So do think through and consider how you can circumvent these problems before taking the plunge! 🙂


Popular Bookfest 20th Dec 2017 @ Suntec

Mr Khemistry

Popular Bookfest

Dear friends, I will be speaking at the A level forum on “How to do well for A level Chemistry” during the Popular Bookfest 2017 from 6-730pm.

Do drop by and say hi if you’re in the area this wednesday 🙂 Better still, help me share this to your friends who have just taken their O levels or JC 1 promos. 

Here are the speakers for the forum: 

Speakers for popular bookfest

Have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🙂








Tuition and Chemistry Crash Course

Mr Khemistry

Frequently asked questions

Q: When is it too late to go for chemistry tuition?

A: There’s no deadline that says it’s too late to go for tuition. However, a good gauge would be to look at your test scores. If you consistently failed your tests and give yourself excuses, the time will come when you will have to face the music, i.e. get retained or even asked to leave the college. To be fair, there is a big jump from O level to A level standard. But if you are failing, then you are probably not coping with the content at JC level, get help as soon as possible.

Common excuses from students range from “I never study” to “i’m busy with xxx” and even “the test is too hard, everyone is also failing“. Truth is, if you really didn’t study for the test, how would you know whether you understood the content? The JC curriculum is packed and to say you’re too busy to study shows you have bad time management. Lastly, the same people who set your tests are going to set your promos…

Remember this, you are not just competing with your classmates or even your schoolmates. You’re competing with the whole Singapore cohort and you can be sure that others are going to do something about their grades.

Private or Group?

Q: Should i go for private or group chemistry tuition?

A: Firstly, you need to ask yourself are you a motivated person? Secondly, are you totally lost in Chemistry? Thirdly, do you have a very tight schedule? If you are a motivated person who can revise yourself, go for group. If you are totally lost and needs lots of help late in the year (after June), go private. Same for students who have very tight schedules, they will need to hire a private tutor to accommodate their timing.

Chemistry crash course

Q: Are crash courses any good?

A: Again, we need to assess where you are. If you are scoring below 30{8445fa0408f68c331c03e03f10d6a7bff33fb7168cc52e9b2191ddf5ec3671a6} for your tests, you need good consistent revision. Due to the time constraints for crash courses, most crash courses wouldn’t be able to let students attempt the questions. It will be a good refresher for the main concepts that’s all. Here at Khemistry, we try to couple additional private lessons where we guide you along as you attempt the questions. This will complement the crash course refresher.


H2 Chemistry Tuition

Mr Khemistry

H2 Chemistry Tuition

Q: Why isn’t there group tuition for H1 Chemistry like for H2 Chemistry Tuition?

A: Because there isn’t enough demand to form a group, so usually we try to give 1-on-1 private tuition. However, if you are able to bring along 2 more friends, we will open up a new slot for H1 group tuition. Do note that for classes with only 2 students will be prorated accordingly.


Q: What makes you an expert in H2 Chemistry Tuition?

A: Our principal tutor, Mr Eric Kua, taught H2 Chemistry at JC level for more than 10 years. Thus he is well versed in the syllabus and the common mistakes made by students. Mr Kua has also taught students from most of the Junior Colleges in Singapore, including Eunoia JC.

Some students have asked if it’s possible to have an exclusive class for their college. The answer is yes, provided there are at least 4 students to start the class. 


Q: Why should I get Chemistry tuition?

A: Chemistry is the central science, all combination in science stream for JC includes chemistry. And chemistry is the only science that is compulsory for entry into medicine, requirement is that students have a “good” pass in chemistry (See appended image below from NUS website)

NUS Entry requirement for medicine


Qualities of a good tuition teacher

Mr Khemistry

Qualities of a good tuition teacher:

  • Talks in a way you understand and at a pace you can keep up with
  • Points out common mistakes during lessons
  • Knows the current syllabus well
  • Charges reasonable rates
  • Patient

How you can look out for qualities of a Good Tuition Teacher:

Look for ex-MOE teachers, they are qualified and experienced. Even better is those with many years of experience as they would know common mistakes made by students. They would also be able to better handle group/class lessons due to their experience.

Some parents would ask why not look for the cheapest rate? The answer might surprise you…

Trained teachers would not cheapen their services as they are professionals just like lawyers and doctors. On the other hand, they would also not charge exorbitant rates as that would disadvantaged students who come from not so well-to-do families. 

However, non-MOE trained tuition teachers who aren’t familiar with the syllabus and common mistakes might charge lower rates. 

Let’s use an analogy: If you are climbing a mountain, would you choose a good guide who just communicates well or would you choose an experienced guide who have guided hundreds of climbers before? The answer is pretty obvious.

Word of caution:

There are some tuition centres that charge lower rates as they simply group all the students from different levels and streams together.

We don’t think that is a good idea as students are in fact overpaying just for consultation. Here at Khemistry, we offer classes that caters for  H2/IP students specifically so that every student learns from lessons pitched to their level. Why H2 classes only? We answer that here.


Best Bukit Timah H2 Chemistry Group Tuition

Mr Khemistry

Bukit Timah Chemistry Tuition

Best Bukit Timah H2 Chemistry Group Tuition

Calling all JC chemistry students living near bukit timah area, come join our newly opened classes for 2019! 

Check out our class schedule for the various available time slots and register early!

Get your friends to join together and there will be a special once-off discount for both referrer and referred students.

If you have 4 students from the same college, we can open a customized class for your group! 🙂

For JC 2 students looking to revise your JC 1 content, please call/SMS/Whatsapp us at 98537960 asap.

Topics listed can be tweaked according to what you have learnt in J1, in order to give you the targeted revision you need.

The pace in JC 2 is a lot more hectic compared to JC 1. Don’t wait any more, act now!


Chemistry tuition Bukit Timah

Graduation Photo of pioneer JC 2 Chemistry Class

Mr Khemistry

Graduation Photo

It’s time to say goodbye. It was a pleasure to teach these guys, we had a good time teaching and learning together.
Hope they are able to score well for Chemistry and get into the course of their choice.

All the best!!!! 🙂

Class photo for J2 class

Pioneer J2 class

Glass Door Sticker

Mr Khemistry

Glass Door Sticker

Spent hours designing this glass door sticker, which is worth the effort as there are a few enquiries from parents who happened to walk past the centre.

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