Alcohol-based hand sanitizer

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer


Alcohol-based-hand-sanitizer. Masks and Hand Sanitizer are all the craze now, no thanks to the Corona Virus. Gifts of masks or hand sanitizers are probably more welcomed than bak kwa.

Since i’m currently teaching the topic of alcohol for the J2 classes, let’s look at how important alcohol is in the hand sanitizers.

Basically, hand sanitizers work by disrupting the cell membrane of a bacterium and the outer coat of the virus. The alcohol (isopropanol or ethanol) content has to be at least 60% to be effective, 70% being the best and most effective. Any lesser and they’re not going to help much. Also, if our hands have dirt or grime on them, hand sanitizers wouldn’t be as effective. If our hands have dirt or grime, we have got to wash our hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Another thing to note for alcohol-based-hand-sanitizer is you’ve got to use enough and rub it in thoroughly until it dries, otherwise it wouldn’t work as well as it should.

So yes, hand sanitizers does help in the fight against corona virus, but do check the alcohol content before getting it.

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