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13th January 2019

A trip back to Miri

Me and Felix
Me and Mini-me

This picture was taken on Christmas day when Felix was down with fever. Incredibly proud of him for staying bubbly and cheerful despite the temperature. He is now at the age when he can interact meaningfully with us. Some of the things he says are really hilarious!

On a more serious note, taking care of a little human being who is totally dependent on you is a humbling experience. His needs and wants are many, more than our patience can accommodate. Thankful for family and friends who take turns to play with him.

Went back to the same restaurant we got married in Miri…

Wife and me

Wife and me

It’s not very clear in the picture, but behind us is the big screen on the little stage. Didn’t have time to retake as Felix was running wild in the restaurant. Time flies. It’s has been almost 3 years since we got married.

At the start of the year, let us reflect on the year that has passed and use our experiences to fashion a better 2019 ahead.

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