2020 Class Schedule

2020 Class Schedule

2020 Class Schedule: Our chemistry tuition class schedule for the new year is up 🙂

JC 2 students: Do you struggle with Chemistry in JC 1 or feel that you have not fully grasped all the important foundation concepts? Did poorly for your Promos and want to start scoring As and Bs for your tests?

JC 1 students: Realised that you don’t understand Chemical Bonding, Thermochemistry and Reaction Kinetics? Can’t do gases calculations or don’t understand chemical equilibrium questions? How to tell if a reaction is a redox reaction?

The fact is, a lot more is demanded from JC students but not many students adapted quickly enough.

The jump in content required from O level Pure Chemistry to A level H2 Chemistry is a big one, quite easily 2~3 times! And if you are already struggling to master the content in JC 1, the lecture pace in JC 2 will be 50% faster.

If you realised that you need help, reach out to us and let us help you! If you don’t understand the basic concepts fundamentally, reading the notes over and over again seldom helps. Time is of essence in JC, don’t waste any more time!

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Start the year right by taking action to change your grade! For early sign-ups for both J1 and J2, we will waive the registration and material fees 🙂

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