2019 Mr Khemistry Chemistry A level results

Congratulations to all students for successfully completing this challenging journey! I am glad to have been part of your A level Chemistry journey 🙂

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Our Centre’s results for 2019 A level H2 Chemistry:

53{8445fa0408f68c331c03e03f10d6a7bff33fb7168cc52e9b2191ddf5ec3671a6} – A

88{8445fa0408f68c331c03e03f10d6a7bff33fb7168cc52e9b2191ddf5ec3671a6} – A and B

100{8445fa0408f68c331c03e03f10d6a7bff33fb7168cc52e9b2191ddf5ec3671a6} pass

Very glad for those who did well. Proud of all of you who put in your best effort.

Those who didn’t do as well as expected, dust yourself off and learn from this experience. We are not patronizing you when we say this is a small setback in the grand scheme of Life, it really is.

Those who did well got a headstart but nothing is stopping you from catching up later right? Remember Life is a marathon, every day is a gift, don’t live in regret. 

All the best!!!!

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