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Lesson Structure

Recently i implemented a new lesson structure for the J2 classes, inspired by my Harvard teaching and learning course. It’s easily remembered by the acronyms ABCDE, inspired by my son’s fascination with alphabets. A for Aim – What’s the learning objective we’re trying to master today? B for Big Idea – What’s the underlying concept […]

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Posture for Learning

Did you know that there’s a posture for learning? I didn’t until quite someone pointed out the link between posture and our physiological state of mind.  A couple of examples: You get angry and your nostrils flare, face turns red and your fists clench.  Watching a scary movie and your heart beats faster, palms get […]

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Thinking about the “M” word

No, not money…Memory! 🙂 Many have argued that our system of education is antiquated because a good grade is usually dependent on memorizing large chunks of information.  Why do we need to remember so much information when we have unprecedented access to huge amounts of data to literally anything at our fingertips? I would say […]

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