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Reading and learning

Reading and Learning Recently i had a revelation on why students struggled with paper 3 i.e. free response questions, as compared with structured questions in paper 2. It has to do with the ability to read and glean useful information from words. This problem is especially stark for science students, because they tend to fall […]

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Meta Learning Part 2

Meta Learning Part 2 This post is a follow-up to Meta Learning post. Recently one of my students did not complete her homework, citing “no stamina”. I told her most likely it is due to mental fatigue, as she is using a lot of her mental energy to do the organic questions. This is commonly […]

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Book published!

H2 Chemistry Practical Guide book   This is one item on my bucket list i thought wouldn’t be fulfilled so soon. Hopefully this book will be of help to private candidates as they prepare for their practical paper. Current students might also like to get a copy to get more practices of the various topics. […]

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