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Advice for private A level candidates

Private Candidates Hi there, are you a private candidate looking to re-take the A levels?  If so, have you thought about the reason why you didn’t do well last year or the year before? Whenever i see a private candidate re-taking the A levels, i would ask them if they’re aware that the odds are […]

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Group vs Private Tuition

Group vs Private Tuition No matter whether you’re a student or parent looking for tuition for your child, this question undoubtedly popped into your mind. So what are the pros and cons of each and which is more suitable for you? Read on to find out… Group  Follows a set topic schedule. Limited interaction during […]

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Organic Chemistry – Isomerism

Isomerism Isomerism – What is the difference between a meso compound and a racemic mixture? A closer look at the terms would already give you a hint.  A racemic mixture is not chemically bonded together hence we are able to separate the two equal portion (50/50) enantiomers. If we then pass plane-polarized light through just […]

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