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How to improve in Chemistry?

How to improve in Chemistry? Recently i have been reading some personal development books and one of the ideas that came up was how to improve in any area of your life…quite instantly. It takes at most 3 weeks to see significant changes. Ready for the (almost magical) idea?¬† No, it’s not something new. It’s […]

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Branches of Chemistry at Advanced Level

Branches of Chemistry In Physical Chemistry, we mostly encounter formulas and calculations. There is theory but the main applications involves calculations and numerical answers. The most important thing we need to do is to practise. This is similar to Mathematics where you basically have to use the formulas to do calculations for different questions until […]

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Happy Belated Lunar New Year!

Over the CNY, my family took our maiden flight together back to Sarawak, Miri, to visit my in-laws. CNY visitation @ MiriThank God for good advice on how to distract little Felix with munchies as the plane ascends. I had been dreading the flight with this feisty little ball of energy after hearing all the […]

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