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How to solve common redox questions

Redox Qn: Sulfur dioxide causes a colour change in acidified potassium dichromate. Given that the potassium dichromate and sulfur dioxide are present in the reacting ratio of 1:3, suggest a likely sulfur−containing product for the reaction. This is considered quite a common redox question.  Firstly, what do you need to know? And how to apply […]

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How do organic compounds achieve stability?

Important Concept for Organic Chemistry Organic Chemistry Two main ways organic compounds achieve stability: Resonance         Electrons are delocalized to form different resonance structures, which lowers the energy level of the organic compound. This contributes to stability. Dispersion of charge Carbocation is electron deficient while R groups are electron-donating. Thus the more […]

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A level Forum Talk @ Popular Bookfest 2017

A level Forum Talk Took part in the A level Forum Talk at the recently concluded Popular Bookfest. Quite an experience speaking at such a huge venue. Subjects represented included Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics and GP. Looking forward to more talks, especially for those who have just finished O levels. For more photos from […]

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