A Level JC H2 Chemistry Tuition

Mr Khemistry H2 Chemistry

Ex MOE JC Tutor, NIE, NUS BSc (Chemistry) Graduate
Principal tutor with more than 13 years of experience
Harvard University Teaching and Learning Course
Author of JC H2 A Level Chemistry Practical Guide book
and Novel Organic Chemistry Questions book

H2 JC Chemistry Programmes

Our classes are specifically taught to prepare students for the Singapore-Cambridge A level H2 JC Chemistry Examination, according to 2019 syllabus released from SEAB (Singapore Examination and Assessment Board).

jc chem tuition

A level JC H2 Chemistry Class (Weekly)

Our H2 A level Chemistry tuition classes are catered for IP Yr 5-6 and JC 1-2 students. Mr Eric Kua will personally guide you to a clearer understanding of chemistry concepts through use of molecular models, videos, games and in-depth discussions.

Mr Kua uses questioning techniques and daily examples to help students make linkages to prior knowledge from secondary O level chemistry. Be prepared to be blown away by the effectiveness of his pedagogy!

If you have the desire to improve your grades in A level Chemistry significantly and are willing to work hard for it, we invite you to join our group tuition class!

A level H2 Chemistry Crash/Bridging Courses

For JC 1 students who realised they might need to work on their foundation topics in year 1, you are invited to join our bridging course before joining our regular JC 2 classes next year.

This intensive course will be conducted by Mr Eric Kua in December over a period of 4 days. Common challenging topics like Chemical Bonding, Kinetics, Energetics and Hydrocarbon (organic) will be covered. Sign up today if you are keen to improve your Chemistry asap!

Crash courses will be conducted during the school holidays for specific topics and will be announced one month prior to the date. Please whatsapp us at 98537960 if you are interested to register for this course.

‘A’ Level H2 JC Chemistry Tuition

Highly qualified & experienced ex-MOE Chemistry tutor.

Easy revision with clear summary notes

Located at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
(Very near to Beauty World MRT)

Good teacher to students ratio (1:12)

Convenient class timings on various days.

Best A level Chemistry Tuition

Our Common Goal

A level H2 Chemistry is an important subject taken by most students. It is considered the central science and required for entry into university courses such as medicine, chemical engineering and dentistry.

Our JC A level chemistry tuition classes equip students with the knowledge and relevant exam skills to tackle challenging A level chemistry questions. Regular assessment quizzes after each topic lets students know their own learning progress.

Our goal is to help students gain proficiency and confidence in applying chemistry concepts. We believe in the potential of every student to do well (score distinction) in Chemistry at the A level examination, given the right guidance.

How We Do It

Though clear concise teaching of the A level chemistry content, our JC A level Chemistry tuition classes reinforce and crystallize chemical concepts already taught in school.

With a small class size of less than 12 students per class, every student is encouraged to ask questions and clarify their doubts immediately.

There will be frequent application of their newly acquired H2 chemistry content knowledge through graded assessments. Regular feedback from the tutor lets students know where their knowledge gaps are and prompts them to close those gaps.

Challenging novel chemistry questions will be given at the appropriate junctions to develop their critical thinking skills.

Who is Mr Khemistry?

Dedicated ex-MOE JC teacher >13 years experience

Completed Harvard University Teaching Course.

Post Graduate from NIE with Diploma in Education.

Graduate from NUS, BSc majoring in Pure Chemistry.

Participant in Undergraduate Research Opportunity Programme (UROPS).

1st cohort of the University Scholars Program (USP).

Specialist in tuition for A level Chemistry.

Track record

2-5 grades jump for A level JC H2 Chemistry Exam
>80% of our tuition students scored distinction
JC H2 Chemistry class will be taught by Mr Eric Kua
Our students are able to understand abstract chemistry concepts better after 3 months
WhatsApp us at 98537960 to register now 🙂

Students’ Testimonials

Mr Kua is a very friendly and caring teacher. His lessons are interesting and the notes he provided are succinct and comprehensive. Nearing exam periods, he does not hesitate to stay back after class even till 10pm (class ends at 915pm) when students have queries and explained the concepts patiently, clearly and concisely. Even when students face difficulties outside of class and send their questions through WhatsApp, his replies were always in-depth and fast. Thank you so much Mr Kua and I will definitely recommend his tuition to all my friends!

Ravn Teo (ex HCI) 2018

Mr Kua is an extremely encouraging and reliable teacher. He is able to explain abstract concepts well and provides greater understanding to students. Whenever in doubt, he is quick to respond to students’ questions and clear their misconceptions. I have benefitted a lot under his tutelage and highly recommend Mr Khemistry !!

Jaclyn (AJC) 2018

Mr Kua is a great teacher. He is very funny and explains abstract concepts with humour so we as students can understand better. He drills students about the important points in each chapter (I still remember how to draw a hydrogen bond) and revises pointers every now and then to really strengthen our memory. His approach to teaching really helps to build a solid foundation for H2 Chemistry, and helped me improve a lot between J1 to J2.

Kelly Tan (EJC) 2018

As a student who has had her fair share of Chemistry teachers, I can assure you that Mr Kua is one of the best. His lessons are well-structured, organised and easy to understand, even for the most difficult of concepts. He is a dedicated teacher who will go the extra mile for his students, willingly staying back after classes to clarify all our doubts. Most importantly, his passion for Chemistry shines through his teaching. He genuinely loves the subject and you can truly tell that he wants to share this passion with his students. Naturally, this makes his lessons very engaging.

For those who are struggling with Chemistry, know that not all hope is lost. I was once like you, and Mr Kua really helped me through it and made it so much easier to understand. As long as you do not give up, you will be able to improve!

Vanessa Chan (NJC) 2018

With Mr Kua’s help, my chemistry results improved from an S grade to an A ! Mr Kua is really focused and engaging. He also plans his lessons very well so as to ensure that his students have constant practice for standard ‘A’ Level questions. Will recommend his class to anyone who asks!

Noelle Wong (TJC) 2018

Mr Kua has been of great help to me in H2 Chemistry. I was struggling with Organic Chemistry back in J2 but with Mr Kua’s hand picked MCQ practices and detailed explanation of thinking processes in class, I was soon able to grasp my concepts, tackling more challenging questions, and eventually enjoyed solving questions involving Organic Chemistry. Mr Kua is also a very dedicated teacher who was willing to answer any doubts I had with my school work before and after lessons. Thank you for making me understand Chemistry and like it a little more! 🙂

Yoke Min (HCI) 2018

Chemistry Blog

Check out our chemistry blog, for tips, on how to do study for organic chemistry (here and here) and the latest announcements about our JC H2 A level Chemistry tuition classes in Singapore.

You will also be able to find out what are the changes in weightage (in the 2017 Chemistry H2 syllabus update) from our chemistry blog.

Click to go to SEAB website to find out more about the current H2 Chemistry Syllabus (changes highlighted in these posts here and here)

You might also find commentaries on the latest happenings in the education sphere as well as some daily musings from the life of Mr Khemistry himself

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