EXPERIENCE KHEMISTRY - 'A' level Chemistry Tuition

Searching for a JC H2 Chemistry Tutor? Look no further! 

  • Principal tutor with more than 10 years of experience.
  • We use questioning technique and lead students to construct their own knowledge
  • We apply daily examples to explain difficult chemistry concepts. This helps students make linkages
  • We ensure students understand the concepts before moving on.
  • We provide sufficient worksheets for students to practise.

End of Term 1 broadcast

Term 1 is officially over, how are you doing in Chemistry? Lost? 

If you’re in JC 1, consider getting help early so that you have a good foundation. Waiting til after MYE is generally not a good idea, just ask your seniors.

JC 2s, you have about 5.5 months to prelims and 7 months to A levels. If you have been failing and think that you will suddenly catch up after your CCA steps down next month or May, bad news. Everyone else has already started. Find help soon, be it private or group tuition, you need to put in more effort to catch up!

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Introductory video

Look at what some of our ex-students say about us


Just wanted to share a piece of gd news with u. 

Joshua’s results: As for 3 H2 subjects.

Thank u so much for yr hard work and past guidance.                               

                                                                      – mother of Joshua Boh, VJC 2016

Mr Kua […] use analogies to help me understand the concepts better

His patience and guidance […] made Chemistry a lot easier.

                                                                             – Shermin Chia, MJC 2016

Mr Kua […] clear and thorough […] helped make the subject easier to understand. 

He would stress on understanding key concepts rather than just recall.

                                                                            – Eleen Lim, MJC 2010

‘A’ Level JC H2 Chemistry Group Tuition

  • Custom made notes with questions for students to learn at their pace.
  • Many class slots throughout the week.
  • Extra session to help students prepare for major exams.
  • More attention with good teacher to students ratio.
  • Schedule of topics mapped out at the start of each term.
  • Located in the convenient tuition hub at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre (Just beside Beauty World MRT)

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Looking for H1 Chemistry Tuition?

Our Work - 'A' Level Chemistry Tuition

First of all, we seek to make it easy for students to learn chemistry concepts.

Through well-crafted notes and best practices for group learning. 

Most of all, we seek to bring out the best in every student. 

Click to go to SEAB website to find out more about the current H2 Chemistry Syllabus (changes listed here and here)

Check out our chemistry blog, for tips, on how to do study for organic chemistry (here and here) and the latest annoucements!

Who Am I?

  • Dedicated ex-MOE teacher from a good JC.
  • NIE with Post Graduate Diploma in Education.
  • BSc majoring in Pure Chemistry (NUS).
  • 1st cohort University Scholars Program.

    Why Choose ‘A’ Chemistry Tuition by Mr Khemistry?

  • 2-5 grades jump for A level exams since 2006.
  • More than 80% of tuition students scored A or B.
  • All students will be taught by Mr Eric Kua.
  • Best teacher to student ratio for learning
  • Tiered rates for JC 1 & 2.
  • Clear and concise notes.

Find Us

We are based at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre.

For enquiries, email us at or call us at 98537960

Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
170 Upper Bukit Timah Road
#B2-13C Singapore 588179

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